Market Report Palm Coast and Flagler Beach

Market Report Palm Coast Flagler Beach

Quick notes from our January research trip after visiting four popular Palm Coast real estate developments:

Hammock Dunes Club - Last month, the Flagler County Commission set Hammock Dunes Club free from the original high density development plan assumed by Bobby Ginn. Originally slated for 6,600 homes, the reduced home count will be more like 3,800. In one of Florida's most beautiful beach areas, residents of Hammock Dunes Club cheered and celebrated because they did not want more high rise buildings in their Palm Coast homes neighborhood. Hammock Dunes Club is one of the highest scoring master planned communities on our website. Find out what makes Hammock Dunes Club so special by asking us about their "Sneak a Peek" at Hammock Dunes Club.

Grand Haven - This gated Florida Intracoastal Waterway community’s private golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus was recently acquired by Escalante Golf based out of Fort Worth Texas. The Club at Grand Haven is Escalante Golf’s sixth Florida golf course and 14th golf portfolio holding. Bordering the Intracoastal Waterway and bicycling distance from Flagler Beach, Grand Haven is one of the best selling affordable Palm Coast home neighborhoods on the west side of the bridge. Single family homes start in the $150k’s. Learn more about Grand Haven and request ask for a “Member for the Day” Discovery Package.

Palm Coast Plantation - Spec Palm Coast home building is on the rise sending us positive signals for this gated Florida Intracoastal Waterway community. At the end of January, a new model home built by Florida Green Homes will be completed and Keystone Homes just broke ground on another model home. Both builders are respected certified green builders in Palm Coast Florida. Like many new master planned communities, Palm Coast Plantation suffered from the aftermath of the housing bubble’s burst as lot owner’s plans for home building fizzled out. Approximately 165 homes have been built to date and the amenities are in place. Learn more about Palm Coast Plantation. 

Cinnamon Beach at Ocean Hammock - Voted a five star vacation hot spot, this gated Florida beach community is a popular place to rent single family homes and beachfront condominiums. The Ocean Hammock course designed by Jack Nicklaus includes coquina colored sand collected from the beaches to ‘cinnamonize’ the bunkers. Investors looking to own a vacation home in Palm Coast with strong income potential, how could you go wrong buying at Cinnamon Beach at Ocean Hammock next door to Hammock Beach Resort? If you're exploring Palm Coast for the first time, it would be a great idea to stay at Hammock Beach Resort. Ask us for more info.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your family and are ready to head to the warm sunny beaches and discover where to retire in Florida. Don't be afraid to ask us about Palm Coast's fabulous restaurants, hotels and fun things to do in the area. This is how we help folks in the real estate market.

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