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2014 Southern Living Inspired Idea Home at Palmetto Bluff

Sep 20, 2014

For inspired cooks; this is the guide to creating authentic southern recipes. For brides-to-be; this is the manual to organizing the perfect reception. For retirees seeking Lowcountry real estate developments; this is the creed to building the perfect home in the top retirement destinations in the USA! Southern Living Magazine has been an icon in the publishing industry since...

The Cliffs Organic Farm Reestablished

Sep 19, 2014

After taking over The Cliffs Organic Farm in 2011 during The Cliffs’ financial restructuring, owner Craig Weiner is excited to come home. Broken Oak Organics, as the farm has been known since then, is rejoining The Cliffs communities this fall and resuming its original name - The Cliffs Organic Farm. While some things change, however, some things...

Living Large by the Sea at Las Ventanas del Mar

Sep 18, 2014

Until you’ve spent time in Costa Rica, it’s hard to comprehend how unspoiled this paradise is. Did you know it’s also home to the world’s happiest people? The 'pura vida' lifestyle reflects well on the Ticos and Americans who venture here. Only 150 miles separate the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Like the coast of California, the mountains reach out to the edges of the...

A sample of what property owners are saying
Western North Carolina
Although it would be easy to think it, there is no pretense here. Just friendly people enjoy this amazing place.
Coastal North Carolina
Disappointed in no follow through with amenities promised.
East Coast Florida
It is so difficult to work with the ARB. I thought about moving somewhere else after the 4th denial.
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