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Life on the Johns River at The Coves Mountain River Club

Aug 29, 2016

Do you long for peaceful living, long range mountain views, and quality time spent with good friends by a mountain-fed river? You can have the best of these worlds in the mountains of North Carolina at The Coves, one of the popular NC mountain communities in the foothills. But how can The Coves boast both riverfront living and long range mountain views? The answer lies in the...

Low Maintenance at Brunswick Forest Means More Time for the Finer Things

Aug 29, 2016

Owning a sprawling home has always been part of the American dream, with a yard to play in, a big swimming pool, and plenty of space between neighbors. But these days, people now see that big properties and McMansions are often more work than they expected. A big yard needs lawn care, pruning, constant attention, and...

Have a Nutty Fun Time at 2016 Bluffton Peanut Festival

Aug 22, 2016
Bluffton SC Peanut Festival

It’s not caviar or foie gras or even escargot, but to South Carolinians it is a delicacy worthy to be the main attraction at one of the top festivals in South Carolina. What is it? It is boiled peanuts. Whether eaten whole or pealed apart and the juice shucked out of it, some folks cannot get enough of those salty, chewy boiled peanuts. Just ask...

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Coastal North Carolina
Disappointed in no follow through with amenities promised.
East Coast Florida
It is so difficult to work with the ARB. I thought about moving somewhere else after the 4th denial.
Coastal North Carolina
So many of us are transplants from other states. The community has deep sense of interconnectedness and has become our extended family.
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