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Knoxville Art & Culture Attracts Creative Retirees

Feb 9, 2016
Knoxville art

Knoxville, Tennessee is the home of Country Music star, Kenny Chesney. It’s where Dolly Parton got her big break. While the Knoxville music draws thousands to the Marble City, Knoxville’s visual art scene is wiggling in to share more of that spotlight. Thanks to a growing number of artists, patrons, and gallery owners, Knoxville has been positioning itself...

Military Heroes Fishing Classic at Hampton Lake

Feb 6, 2016
Hampton Lake fresh water fishing

Of all the man-made lake property in South Carolina, few communities are more impressive than Hampton Lake, with its 165-acre fresh water lake and 15 miles of shoreline. Located in the heart of Lowcountry, the lake is a haven for those who love to indulge in natural surroundings, with fishing, swimming, boating, and other fun outdoor activities. It also is a place for...

Lowcountry Oysters - Sea to Table Bliss

Feb 4, 2016
Lowcountry oysters

Did you know that Americans eat about 2.5 billion oysters every year? Fresh, succulent oysters. Raw with a drop of lemon. Slow-roasted and delicious. That's about 7 oysters for every person in the United States. And considering we are the third most populous nation on earth, that's a whole lot of shucking oysters...

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It is so difficult to work with the ARB. I thought about moving somewhere else after the 4th denial.
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