July 2015 Highland Games - Scottish Fun at Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain


North Carolina mountain communities are rolling out the plaid tartan for a taste of Scotland’s rich traditions. A spectacular display of athleticism, showmanship and Scottish patriotism is sure to excite Western North Carolina in July. The 60th annual Grandfather Mountain Highland Games will be held on Monday, July 9th and culminate on Sunday, July 12th at the Mac Rae Meadows section of the park. It all takes place near Linville, North Carolina.  The popular four-day event, held in the shadows of North Carolina’s rustic mountain homes community, will include several new features. It is undeniably one of the most crowd-pleasing and vibrant festivals around. 

It’s not just the Celtic sounds and the bagpipes that draw tourists at North Carolina mountain communities for the Grandfather Mountain Highland GamesThe beauty of Grandfather Mountain State Park has a lot to do with it too.  One can’t but marvel at the majestic mountain scenery, which houses the highest peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains at a cool, crisp 5,700 feet. The mountain features rugged outcroppings, scenic outlooks and backcountry trails. The famous Mile High Swing Bridge stretches 288 feet across with an 80 foot drop below. It is without a doubt a must see for nature lovers and hikers, and there are plenty of family-friendly attractions too.


  • Mile High Swinging Bride
  • Environmental Habitats
  • 11 Hiking Trails
  • Nature Museum
  • Restaurant and Gift Shops
  • Naturalist Programs
  • Backpack Camping

Residents who live in the area have the pleasure of stepping outside their front door every morning and gazing upon a breath taking view of nature’s glory.  North Carolina mountain communities experience mountain joy on a daily basis. In addition there are many other advantages of living near a state park and residents of the area’s rustic mountain homes can attest to those advantages. 

One particular asset - the area is the home of one of a few equestrian retirement communities in the Carolinas. Trot over to the Elk River Club where you’ll find a 22-stall stable, rings for riding and jumping, and a riding preserve that stretches over 100 acres.  Whether it’s horseback riding, golfing, or hiking, there are plenty of amenities to keep you in tiptop shape at the Elk River Club. Also unique to this gated community is a private jetport and runway. Elk River Club is one of the few fly in communities in the mountains.

Residents who enjoy a good game of golf call  the Grandfather Club home.  The gated community has two 18-hole championship mountain golf courses and a spring fed lake.  The private club with scenic views of Grandfather Mountain is known as one of the most attractive golf communities in North Carolina and it is close to popular ski resorts such as Sugar Mountain and Beech Mountain.

Fun and fellowship are among the features at Linville Ridge.  With several social clubs and sports amenities, including championship golf and tennis, the gated community offers a variety of living alternatives suitable to families and active adults. Folks here live among the clouds at elevations in the 4,000 feet range.

Adventure seekers set their sights on Echota facing Grandfather Mountain.  The vacation and second home community is popular because of the nearby ski resorts, zip lines and white water rafting.  Echota is where to double your pleasure. The community has two clubhouse, two fitness centers and two swimming pool. There’s no sitting around in this senior friendly community.  The motto for residents, who live in the rustic mountain homes is likely “Carpe Diem.”

Why not seize the day and take a tour of one of the equestrian retirements communities and clubs while taking in the festivities of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games? The popular attraction kicks off on Thursday, July 9th and runs through Sunday, July 12th.  That’ll give you plenty enough time to enjoy the events, food and fun.  And since the four gated communities are centrally located near the site of the festival, you won’t have to travel too far and that means you won’t miss out on any of the Scottish excitement. 

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