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A lagoon may sound like the home to mystic mermaids and adventurous pirates. The perfect sunrise over the water, miles of coral reefs and sublime serenity seem like faraway fantasies for many people today. However, in the last few decades, the largest lagoon in the United States, The Pamlico Sound, has attracted attention from tourists and real estate seekers all over the nation. Sailboats here outnumber full-time residents three to one.

The Pamlico Sound is a natural lagoon that stretches 80 miles long and 30 miles wide on the east coast of North Carolina, between The Outer banks and the Atlantic Ocean. This shallow water lagoon and its surrounding Inner Banks area surfaced in the New Bern real estate market in the 1970’s. Today, tourism is booming in the up-and-coming Pamlico Sound area and homebuilding business is skyrocketing around the Inner Banks marina communities. 

One of the top communities is River Dunes in North Carolina. The River Dunes Grace Harbor Marina is popular with boaters for its natural beauty and small town charm. This area offers plenty of outdoor activities such as: boating, fishing, wind sports and historic coastal or village tours. River Dunes Grace Harbor is a romantic place to have a wedding or gather together for a family reunion. The down-to-earth atmosphere and laid-back mentality have converted many visitors to permanent residents at River Dunes. Take a peek at River Dunes home styles.

The Pamlico Sound area is split into several different Inner Banks marina communities and cities. On the west side of The Pamlico Sound lies New Bern, North Carolina. New Bern real estate is in high demand this year and developers are busy constructing stunning and innovative custom homes for their clients. Home builders also promote southern architectural styles and energy sustainable homes to preserve the surrounding areas like The River Dunes Grace Harbor. The eco-friendly influence is supported by the residents and the businesses in the developing River Dunes Village. Water conservation, sustainable home energy systems and material recycling are all ways businesses and the Inner Banks communities help contribute to the environment as The Pamlico Sound area evolves. 

Life on a lagoon is a perfect paradise for people looking for a vacation escape or for an relaxing retirement retreat. You may not find mermaids or pirates in this lagoon, but the combination of beautiful landscapes, outdoor activities and Green home initiatives makes The Pamlico Sound an ideal destination to explore. Families and retirees can spend their days in a safe and eco-friendly community at The River Dunes Grace Harbor, and enjoy the the perks of tourist activities whenever they please. 

With all the wonderful reasons to live in this lagoon, why wait? Find out more about the excitement at The Pamlico Sound. For more information about New Bern real estate or River Dunes, write [email protected] or call us toll free at 866.384.1799. 

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