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Abundant crystal clear water is something we all aspire to have. These days that one little necessity of life is becoming more precious and more difficult to find. Water, H20, chemically speaking, is becoming a limiting factor in the development of new master planned communities. Will we have enough water for our inhabitants is an important and ongoing concern as more and more people are added to already struggling watersheds? Water is the lifeblood of our planet and at 60 percent, the majority component of our bodies.

Needless to say adequate water supply is a key component of a long and happy life. The more populated any area becomes, the more important finding a dependable source of potable water is. Witness the historic drought in the state of California and nearly routine water restrictions in major metropolitan areas such as Atlanta and Tampa. Municipalities in the Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolitan area of Florida have gone as far as restricting the area of lawn on residential properties to save water for drinking. Finding a great place to call home with plenty of the wet stuff is as simple as find the right lake property for sale in Tennessee. 

The Great Smoky Mountains, to us, one of the top 10 places to live in Tennessee, are located in East Tennessee and North Carolina and have water in abundance. In the state of Tennessee, the Smokies are home to Knoxville, the University of Tennessee, Pigeon Forge and Dollywood.  In the higher elevations of the Smokies the annual rainfall averages 85". During wet years, these areas can have over 8 feet of rain. All of this precipitation trickles down over a mile in elevation in some places, down the sides of mountains and through crevices forming spectacular waterfalls, creeks and lakes. The Smokies are home to more that 2,000 miles of creeks and streams. To truly experience this water rich environment a tour of the waterfalls and wrap your head around the priceless resource, we believe a hiking tour is in order.

Smoky Mountain Waterfalls to visit:

▪ Rainbow Falls,  A rainbow is produced by mist from this 80-foot high waterfall. During extended cold weather, an impressive ice formation is visible. Located near Gatlinburg, this fall is a moderate 4-5 mile hike from the trail head

▪ Grotto Falls, also located near Gatlinburg is a 25 foot high fall located on the Trillium Gap Trail. The 3 mile round trip hike traverses an old-growth hemlock forest and continues behind the 25 foot high waterfall.

▪ Place of a Thousand Drips, a waterfall you can drive to near the parkway in Gatlinburg. This fall is beautiful when rainfall has been abundant and the flow of water splits into numerous cascades over the rocks creating "A Thousand Drips”

Given the large amount of water falling at unpredictable rates, a way to control and direct the water needed to be devised. In the early years of the 1900's the Tennessee Valley Authority was formed to plan and construct dams and waterways to control flooding and provide electricity to the Tennessee Valley area. The TVA changed the landscape in many ways in the Great Smoky Mountains, waterways became more navigable, lakes for recreation were made from dammed rivers and the power plants were built on many of the dams. Some of the best bass fishing in the world is found in the Lakeway to the Smokies near stunning Smoky mountains waterfalls and the famous Tellico Village.

Loudon County, another one of the top 10 places to live in Tennessee, is nicknamed the Lakeway to the Smokies, with several lakes and rivers located in the county, including Fort Loudon, Tellico, Watts Bar and Melton Hill Lakes and the Tennessee and Clinch Rivers. Lake Tellico was the last reservoir created by the TVA, completed in 1979. The lake encompasses 16,000 acres and provides 357 miles of shoreline. If the search for lake property for sale in Tennessee is on your agenda, this is a great place to find it. A good place to start is by exploring the 2014 Happiest Community of the Year, Tellico Village. 

A peek at Tellico Village 

Tellico Villagers and the local community are very proactive about protecting the water of Tellico Lake. The Watershed Association of the Tellico Reservoir (WATeR) supports policies and projects that protect and improve the environment in and around Tellico Reservoir. The association is non-profit and non-partisan. The focus is on issues, policies, and practices that promote clean air, water, and natural habitat so that humans can live, work, and play in harmony with native plants and animals as well as with each other. Recent projects include the completion and national designation of the East Lakeshore Trail which consists of nine interconnected branches, six trailhead parking areas, bridges, boat landings and benches—all publicly accessible. During the past nine years, approximately 81 tons of trash has been removed from the lake area by 3,625 volunteers and taken to the landfill. In 2005, WATeR was awarded a "Certificate of Excellence" from Keep Tennessee Beautiful for their efforts.

Water may be enjoyed in many ways in Tennessee and is never taken for granted by Tennesseans. Imagine recharging your spirit by starting your day splashing in the Smoky mountains waterfalls, then continue on to boating and bass fishing on Lake Tellico where on the shores your lakefront or golf course home awaits. The end of the day could be celebrated looking over a shining lake with a river threading the distance providing water to those who need it. Families of all ages love Tellico Lake. Whether its jet skiing, wake boarding and rafting up with your neighbors at sunset, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful and clean lake in Tennessee.

If you’d like some help finding the right lake property for sale in Tennessee, reach out and say hello. It’s our pleasure to help!

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