Carefee Boating at The Landings on Skidaway Island



Located on the coastline of Georgia, Savannah is a pedestrian-friendly city with progressive urban design surrounded by massive bodies of water.  The Georgia coast is more than 100 miles in length and has a man-made channel, the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway which serves as access for watercraft through the marshes separating Georgia’s barrier islands from the mainland.  With multiple barrier islands, quaint cobblestone streets and historic architecture, this city represents a boater’s paradise.  Generating from its earliest years of the region’s European occupation, amid the marshes can be found the ‘inland passage” and tidal marshes that span 4 to 6 miles wide.  Savannah is a great place to retire as there are multiple cultural events to enjoy in this revered coastal city.  Baby Boomers who enjoy the finer things in life will find that the historic city of Savannah has lots to offer in retirement years and boating enthusiasts looking for waterfront retirement communities will find some of the best places to retire in Georgia.

During the antebellum period, Sea Islands was the host of large rice and cotton plantations and small coasting vessels navigated through the region to get commodities to the market.  The islands and mainland coast became a critical resource for transporting goods to the outside world.  In the 19th century, steamboats heading to Savannah from the south were required to circumvent between Skidaway and Wassaw islands through Romerly Marsh which was only navigable at high tide.  Since many of the steamboats frequently ran aground, in 1905 the Corp of Engineers dredged the marsh at Skidaway Narrows.  The greatest use of the waterways evolved around the lumber industry where an estimated 25 million feet of lumber were towed annually.  Today, Savannah is a boating mecca for residents who love to enjoy this magical region.

Skidaway Island is one of the most affluent communities in the United States and is known for its waterfront properties and golf courses within The Landings club.  The community is one of the largest gated communities in the country and is home to the Institute of Oceanography which is a resource for scholars from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Savannah State University and the College of Coastal Georgia.  Based on the 2010 census, the population was 8,341 and today the area is one of the fastest growing in the country because of its attraction as one of the best places to retire in Georgia.

Another landmark that can be found in Savannah is at Wassaw Island which houses a 10,050 acre national wildlife refuge.  Here folks can enjoy a migratory bird refuge, nesting sea turtles and other wildlife.  During the civil war, this island was occupied by the Confederate and Union troops and Native Americans are believed to have used Wassaw for hunting and fishing.  In 1866, a wealthy businessman by the name of George Parsons purchased the islands and built a private retreat for his family and friends.  In 1969, the islands were sold (with the exception of the 180-acre Parson compound) to The Nature Conservancy who then deeded the land to the U.S. Department of Interior to be managed as a wildlife reserve.

Boating is a favorite past time for residents at The Landings. There are 2 boating clubs found here: the Carefree Boat Club and Skidaway Island Boating Club.  The Carefree Boat Club provides an alternative to owning a boat.  Founded in Virginia in 2002, Carefree has locations throughout the US and Canada and for a one-time initiation fee and annual fee, members can enjoy a hassle free boating experience through professional boat safety training, quality maintenance and unsurpassed industry knowledge.  As a result of its excellent customer service, Carefree Boat Club has become the premier boat club operators in the country and is located at the Delegal Marina on Delegal Creek.  

Skidaway Island Boating Club is located at one of the finest waterfront retirement communities that promotes boating around Skidaway Island and is available to the residents and their guests at The Landings club. Known mostly for its 6 championship golf courses, it is also a boater friendly neighborhood because of its convenient ocean access and 2 deepwater marinas.  This 4,596 acre neighborhood also boasts, four golf clubhouses, 34 tennis courts, a 48,000 square foot fitness center, 4 swimming pools and 40 miles of walking and biking trails.  With wilderness and the peaceful surroundings, The Landings club makes an excellent choice when shopping for a retirement haven.  Voted the Best Community by Savannah Magazine, folks can choose from golf course, waterfront or patio homes.  In addition to the great amenities found here, residents can enjoy the beautiful streetscapes, stocked fishing ponds, fine and casual dining options and an active social life with over 100 social clubs year round.

For those searching for waterfront retirement communities with boating options and easy ocean access, check out Savannah, one of the best places to retire in Georgia. If you’d like to explore The Landings and more waterfront communities, reach out and say hello. It’s our pleasure to help. 

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