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As we begin to settle in with the thought of retiring, we soon realize we will have much more time on our hands and the chance to do the things we couldn’t before. When we ask our clients "what will your day look like after your retire?" The first most say, "I want to take better care of myself now and be healthier”. Does this mean joining a local community fitness center? Ugh! Spandex and body builders, not sure that's for me.

Fortunately, most master planned real estate communities in the Southeast have clubhouses with community fitness centers. Simple fitness centers or comprehensive fitness centers like the new Wellness Center at the Wellness Center at Fairfield Glade. As we age, unless we have been committed to working out all our lives like Jack LaLanne, the ‘Godfather of Fitness’ who at 96 years old, lifted weights 1 ½ hour each day, to begin weight lifting after age 50 or start using a stair climber, sounds exhausting.

Wellness according to Wikipedia is being 'health and disease free'. But isn't it more? Wellness could be better described as the optimal level of spirit and soul, disease free. So what makes us happy, pleasing our soul and where do we find it? Is it a tennis match, round of golf or taking a leisure walk with your dog listening to the wind blow through the trees? For those who would prefer to not change into tights and tank tops, master planned communities with natural amenities like waterfalls, scenic look outs, lakes to kayak and community gardens might be just what your looking for when you consider where to retire.

Natural amenities can be found just outside your neighborhood entrance. Scenic drives on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a picnic lunch at state park or simply collecting shells on the beach adds variety to your wellness routine. There is something purely magical about driving through the mountains with your sunroof open, listening to Andrea Bocelli. Or walking for miles on a secluded beach watching crystal clear waves roll in as fish race through them. Thanks Mom for the CD – I now know YOU ‘get it’.

When you compare master planned communities flipping through brochures, be sure to notice natural amenities, simple pleasures beyond the walls of concrete building. Notice long range mountain views, crystal clear streams, canopied forests or the possibility of sunrises on the ocean. Clubhouses and community fitness centers provide a great place to meet new friends and socialize. Steam showers, sauna's and Jacuzzi's are invigorating and make us feel great. Have you considered swimming? Swimming is a less impactful exercise to our aging body.

Find master planned communities in the Southeast with year round heated swimming pools and water aerobic activities using our Quick Search Tool. Wellness amenities are places your children and grandchildren will enjoy too. There is no better way than by example, to teach our children the importance of wellness.

Pilates and yoga may be offered, to help you achieve the peaceful balance of body of mind and spirit we have longed for. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone like Jillian Michaels of the Biggest Loser encouraging us back into shape and reminding us how to eat properly? You will find many of the master planned communities have an outstanding staff of certified personal trainers, instructors and coaches at your service, just like Jillian Michaels at their community fitness centers.

The cliché comes to mind, “you pay now or pay later”. Just make sure you ante up and take care of your health. Me too, I know you're saying that under your breath. When it comes to choosing where to retire, our budget becomes a factor with the amenity level we can afford. If our wallet is tight, we don’t have to sacrifice on wellness at all, if we choose natural amenities instead. When we visit communities in the Southeast, we research for you, the monthly costs for fitness amenities and report them to you in our Real Estate Reviews. We also point out in our commentary, the natural amenities present for you to enjoy.

Whatever we do, let's agree to take care of ourselves in a way we have not had time for in the past. Maybe try something new. After all, who wants to be age 70, stuck on the coach falling asleep day after day? Oprah Winfrey's right - “it’s your life… own it”.

Be deliberate, Be well, Be happy. Margie Casey Founder

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