Hilton Head Lakes - Lifelong Learning Campus Right Next Door

Hilton Head Lakes SC

In retirement, many people like to take up new hobbies such as a photography, art, literature and other interesting subjects. And with plenty of time on their hands, they often attend college for lifelong learning courses. For those who live in Hilton Head Lakes in Bluffton, South Carolina, there are very convenient options for continuing education. 

Located near Beaufort College and the Technical College of The Lowcountry, the community is perfectly set between two well established schools, where you can choose from a number of fun and interesting lifelong learning courses. 

And besides its proximity to excellent schools, Hilton Head Lakes has become a top community for affordable South Carolina retirement living. The University of South Carolina Beaufort, also known as Beaufort College, has a beautiful campus just a short drive from the gates of Hilton Head Lakes. Courses at Beaufort College include fine art, Spanish, theatre, literature, philosophy and psychology. You can also study studio art, and brush up on your French. Set beside the Intracoastal Waterway in downtown Beaufort, the campus has a unique focus on the arts, with a Center for the Arts that hosts exhibits, concerts, theatrical events, and other performances. 

The Technical College of the Lowcountry offers more vocational courses, such as computer servicing, electronic finishing, and digital home technology integration. It also offers basic art. culinary arts, and massage therapy. The main campus in Beaufort is just a few minutes from Hilton Head Lakes, situated on 49 charming acres of private waterfront property. Comprised of 17 major buildings, and furnished with state-of-the-art technologies, this is one of the top colleges near Bluffton SC real estate. 

Set between Hilton Head Island and historic Savannah, Georgia, Hilton Head Lakes is a top-rated lakefront golf community. If you plan on South Carolina retirement living, its the perfect place to live an active, healthy daily lifestyle. Amenities in the community include over 12 miles of nature trails for walking, and more than 453 acres of nature preserve filled with deer, wild turkey, egrets, herons, armadillos and wild foxes. If you appreciate nature, this is a great place to be in touch with the rich Lowcountry surroundings. 

The Bluffton SC real estate development is safe, affordable, and comfortable, offering magnificent views of exclusive golf course and natural lakefront properties. Built by Realstar Properties, homes here come in wide variety of architectural and interior styles. The "Santee" model, for example, features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms under 1,298 sq. ft. and starts at an asking price of $173,990. The "May" model features 4 bedrooms and 3 baths under 2,171 sq. ft., with a covered porch and optional bonus rooms, and starts at an asking price of $243,990. 

Besides the new homes and nearby colleges, the Bluffton area is seeing explosive growth because of the great weather all year around. Because it is located near the coast, there are many options for boating, fishing, swimming, and enjoying the beautiful nearby beaches.

If you plan to explore South Carolina retirement living, and check out Bluffton SC real estate, make your way over to Hilton Head Lakes, where you can spend your free time furthering your education in retirement at one of the prettiest gated communities in the area.

Call Hilton Head Lakes directly at 843.784.5253 to schedule a tour. 

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