Kentucky Bourbon Trail for the Spirited Boomer

Kentucky Bourbon Trails


Baby Boomers are at it again, starting a new trend adding something to an iconic generation who wore blue jeans, rode a Harley Davidson and drank Coke Cola. Just when we thought the bourbon trend started as a accompaniment to the watching football in the 70's, the late 80's brought us the mainstream enjoyment of this corn and grains based beverage via Artisanal bourbon distillers. Bourbon combined with culinary infatuation has made Louisville Kentucky "The Culinary Capital of Bourbon Country".

Then one finds it's everywhere Boomers are and many are likely to have a Manhattan in hand in an etched glass. Cocktails are back in vogue and craft distilleries are providing the mixers. Legend has it Jack Daniel's started it all in Lynchburg, Tennessee in 1875. The distillery is located in a dry county, where whiskey can be made but not purchased. Although Jack Daniels is the best selling American produced whiskey world wide they refuse to call their product Bourbon. It is Tennessee Whiskey because of the extra charcoal filteration process. Bourbon isn't just mixed with Coke? Not anymore, Pappy Van Winkle's upped the flavor game and is still gaining popularity as a component of ever more complicated cocktails; though some folks just like to sip it on the rocks. Bottles of Pappy Van Winkle, if you can find them, can easily set you back a grand. Herbs, Peaches and Bourbon in an Old-fashioned, sure, just be sure to break out the good stuff on Derby Day.

If relocating to Tennessee and exploring waterfront retirement communities are on your agenda, why not get catch the unbridled spirit and take a tour to learn more about the area. An easy three hour drive north of Knoxville is The Kentucky Bourbon Trail where a group of bourbon distilleries Kentucky have grouped together for an immersion in bourbon (not literally). Kentucky has a long standing Bourbon making tradition because of its high quality of water. The limestone naturally filters out iron and sulphur and adds back calcium. Thus strong bones for Kentucky's finest of thoroughbred horses and the recipe for the best tasting bourbons in the world. In fact, 95% of all the world's bourbon is made in Kentucky. Locals will tell you there are more barrels of bourbon aging and horses in the state than there are people.

The distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail include:

  • Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Experience: tour the distillery that produces high rye content whiskeys by the same name. Tours are $10.00, the distillery is located in Louisville.
  • Four Roses, located in Lawrenceburg, feature a Spanish Mission style building with rose gardens on the grounds. Tours are $5.00 and include behind the scenes photos and videos.
  • Heaven Hill Distilleries, located in Bardstown operates the Bourbon Heritage Center. Tours cost between $10 and $40.00 depending on the level of interest in Bourbon. On site there is a barrel shaped tasting room where Bourbon Hosts will guide you through the exhibits and tasting of several premium Bourbons.
  • Jim Beam, located in Clermont focuses on their 200 year family history in the making of Bourbon. A decanter museum is also on site. Behind the scenes tours are $10.00
  • Maker's Mark, located in Loretto, offers the Maker’s Mark Beyond the Mark Tour for $35.00. This tour is billed as a bourbon experience, is two hours long and includes a set of wax dipped rocks glasses to take home.
  • Town Branch Bourbon, one of the newest distilleries in the area. Located in Lexington they also brew beer on their premises and at $8.50 for the tour and tasting of 3 spirits and several beers brewed on site, this is the bargain of the Bourbon Trail.
  • Wild Turkey Distillery, located in Lawrenceburg, makes one of the best selling premium Bourbons in the world and is known for its signature 101 proof Bourbon. Tours are available, prices vary contact Wild Turkey.
  • Woodford Reserve, located in Versailles, produces the Official Bourbon of the Kentucky Derby. One of the oldest distilleries in the area and a The National Historic Landmark, the distillery tour is $10.00 and an in depth tour of the Architecture and grounds is $30.00.
  • The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, located along downtown Louisville’s historic “Whiskey Row”is touted as an immersive bourbon experience. Tours are $12.00.

After the Bourbon studies are completed, it's back to Tennessee to tour waterfront retirement communities. The communities around Tellico Lake are an ideal place to start; you may find yourself relaxing by the lake that could become home.

Ask for our free Tellico Lake relocation information to learn more about the area. 

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