New Closing Cost Calculator - No Rocket Scientist Needed

Closing Cost Calculator

As you shop for a home or consider refinancing, there are tools available to help you while you shop. We developed a free downloadable mobile application and PC version of a Closing Cost Calculator to help you estimate your closing costs in Florida. Closing costs vary from state to state, but for the most part our Florida Closing Cost Calculator mobile and web application will give you a good idea of the monies you will need to bring to the closing.

Whether you’re paying cash, financing your new home purchase or refinancing your existing home, our Closing Cost Calculator will calculate closing costs for you in both scenarios. Just answer nine basic questions using our Florida Closing Cost Calculator tool:

  1. Purchase or refinance?
  2. Purchase price?
  3. Loan amount?
  4. Real estate commission percentage
  5. Additional recording costs, if any
  6. Is buyer or seller paying for title insurance?
  7. Is the property a condominium or associated with a homeowner’s association?
  8. Is their existing loan to be paid off?
  9. Will you want a boundary survey?

After you answer these questions, click ‘calculate’ and you will receive an instant response which can be downloaded or emailed. We encourage you to read a story we wrote called 7 Title Insurance Tips and Secrets. In this story, you will find ways to save money on your closing costs and important reasons why you should carefully choose your title insurance company. With mortgage rates and real estate prices at an all time low, the real estate market has created smart ways for you to save money.

Whether you are refinancing your existing home or searching for a new home, we are here to help you at Independence Title. Download our free Closing Cost Calculator here:

Florida Closing Cost Calculator

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