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Taxes for Retirees in the Southeast States

Mar 31, 2021
Retirement taxes

Not all state taxes are created equal, especially when it comes to retirees. In fact, many retirees choose to fly south for the winter, searching for a home that’s not only warmer but will also help their finances go further.

Georgia on 2015 Short List of Most Tax Friendly States

Nov 13, 2015
Cost Of Living Happiness

These days, more and more people are moving to the state of Georgia for healthy retirement living. Not only does Georgia have beautiful scenery, great weather, and an Atlantic Ocean coast, but the cost of living comparison is also an attraction. In 2015, Georgia was named one of America's Most Tax-Friendly States by Kiplinger...

Taxes in North Carolina versus Taxes in the Northeast

Aug 28, 2015
North Carolina Coastal Communities

Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” This is a very true statement, but what he doesn’t say is that you can choose how much you pay in taxes each year. Why pay more property tax on your home than you need to? One of the many perks of relocating to North Carolina...

Will Casino's be the Saving Grace for State Deficits?

Jun 4, 2012
Sarasota FL Ariel View

During our trip last week to Chicago, we observed the heated battle between voters and legislators over the Illinois gaming bill SB 1849. This would allow electronic gaming on shore in Chicago. In 1990, the Riverboat Gambling Act had already...

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Northern Georgia
At the present time, management is lacking performance in all areas. We are not getting what we pay for.
Coastal North Carolina
Disappointed in no follow through with amenities promised.
Eastern Tennessee
We've lived here now for 7 years and wouldn't trade it for anywhere else.