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Real Estate Puff

The Great Real Estate Depression is a coined label defining the real estate market collapse of the 21st century. The result has left most of us questioning what to believe from brokers, bankers, builders and real estate developers going forward. Have we come to the point where in our minds, we put real master planned communities on trial demanding discovery, testimony from witnesses and an opinion from a judge to confirm our suspicion, before we buy again?

In sales, painting a picture with words can be helpful to buyers in understanding a vision planned, especially when raw land is the product. Painting a picture with words can also become puff, exaggeration and false promises. Sugar coating is what I call it and it doesn’t taste sweet anymore after the real estate developer where you purchased property goes belly up, leaving you scrambling trying to figure out what to do next. People who have been burned refer to some real estate developers as a 'snake oil salesman'. Even the best master planned communities with the best of intentions are still destroyed because of lack of sales and lines of credit from the banks to continue the development.

Our website is unique because we are not paid monthly fees by real estate developers to have their master planned community scored on our website. Our high standards our designed to be helpful and educational. We only allow our Bliss Award winners the opportunity to have a stronger presence on our site, so you don't overlook these benchmarks in the industry. It would be natural for a reader to assume master planned communities on websites are all excellent or why would they be featured? Think about it for a minute - a small development without a great website and sales team, can gain exposure by paying third party real estate websites to market their developments, even if their master planned community is lifeless and risky. Read our community reviews carefully and learn what to look for.

We thought you would like to know we won’t blow smoke in your face or dip master planned communities in sugar. If we use the words 'wonderful' to describe something, it's because it is wonderful. We've been to the master planned community and seen it for ourself.

We continually search for the best cities to retire providing a high quality of life. I dig for the facts and share them with you, plain and simple.

We invite you to become a member so you can read what property owners have to say behind the scene, regarding master planned communities you are considering. Property owner scores and comments are added daily to our website. Master planned communities are added weekly. 

Let me know if there is a master planned community you're curious about that we have not scored on our website. We are here to help. Write us at [email protected]

Classic examples of puff:

Last chance - unlikely

Most magnificent - in the eye of the beholder

Lifetime opportunity - do you really think about real estate at these moments?

Rock bottom prices - we wonder

Hopefully one day in a perfect world, snake oil salesman and puff will be things of the past.

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