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We don’t know about you, but we dislike being ‘sold’ anything. If you're like us, you enjoy the quest of searching for facts and reasons why we should buy one item over another, without being told and we're not alone. According to a market research group BIA/Kelsey, 97% of consumers search the internet first before buying a product. The web has become a modern day library. After analyzing a few websites, we quickly learned that anyone can put anything out there on the internet, whether it’s fact or fiction. So as consumers, we must be careful that we check out multiple sources on the web, before we assume what we are reading is reliable.

Knowing what we know, we understand why real estate development websites would want to put their best foot forward, hoping you'll consider buying property there. Most of them use a lot of eye candy on their websites and accolades about why their master planned community is the best and what benefits their community can offer you. Some websites even include property owner testimonials, ones they choose. No real estate developer in their right mind would put up a bad property owner testimonial on their website. So while a sales person at a community tells us life there is peaches and cream, we wonder if people who put their money on the line, ended up being truly satisfied. We decided to find out by collecting property owner reviews.

The reality is, anyone can buy a home in a neighborhood without HOA fees and country clubs. When people buy in master planned communities, the stakes become higher because they are now required to pay monthly HOA fees and club membership fees if applicable, as long as they own property there. We've combed all over the internet searching for an answer about property owner satisfaction, but have yet to find a unbiased resource. We believe property owner's hold the key.

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Thus our mission began and to date, we’ve collected over 1,000 property owner reviews from the master planned communities in Florida, Georgia, the Carolina’s and Tennessee and we've only have just begun. The only individuals who are eligible to score communities featured on our website are verified property owners. You might be surprise to learn that property owners have been happy to share their thoughts with us and you. We've learned things we would have never known without these property owner reviews. We’ve been surprised by some of the comments and our scores have been challenged being either too high or too low. These property owner reviews are available to help you.

The benefit of property owner reviews is that you don’t have to knock on doors to ask the neighbors if they're happy or believe what a sales person says. Our website has become a trusted third party source about master planned communities you may be interested in. You can quickly see which property owner reviews we’ve collected to date by clicking join now. Our list is updated every week. Members who have joined Real Estate Scorecard have found us to be a pivotal source of information.

If there's a master planned community you're interested in which is not on our website, please let us know. Write [email protected] or call us toll free at 866.384.1799.


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