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Buying Mountain Property at Upper Elevations in Western North Carolina

May 24, 2013
Western North Carolina Gated Communities

Haywood County has… how many mountain peaks above 6,000 ft? If you Google any of various combinations of keywords in that question, you’ll find the answer to be as few as 13 and as many as 24. The point is not so much to reconcile the differences but...

The Value of Property Owner Scorecards

Jul 10, 2012
Real Estate Scores

We don’t know about you, but we dislike being ‘sold’ anything. If you're like us, you enjoy the quest of searching for facts and reasons why we should buy one item over another, without being told and we're not alone. According to a market research group...

No Monkey Business Here

Jul 7, 2012
Monkey Business

We’ve all heard the tale of three wise monkeys; Mizaru who covers his eyes and sees no evil; Kikazaru who covers his ears and hears no evil and Iwazaru covers his mouth and speaks no evil. Last week, we spent 7 days...

You Won't Get Puff From Us

Jul 22, 2011
Real Estate Puff

The Great Real Estate Depression is a coined label defining the real estate market collapse of the 21st century. The result has left most of us questioning what to believe from brokers, bankers, builders and real estate developers going forward.

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