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Taxes for Retirees in the Southeast States

Mar 31, 2021
Retirement taxes

Not all state taxes are created equal, especially when it comes to retirees. In fact, many retirees choose to fly south for the winter, searching for a home that’s not only warmer but will also help their finances go further.

Considering Cost of Living When Choosing Where to Retire

Mar 12, 2021
Aerial Lake View

You want to find the perfect paradise to spend your golden years - but which factors should you consider before you start your hunt? However you picture your retirement, you first have to ask one fundamental question: how will the cost of living affect your decisions?

FEMA - Flood Insurance Overhaul Starts Next Year

Mar 20, 2019
Florida Keys vacation homes

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced the rollout of National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) updates that will become effective next year. While FEMA released few specific details about the new program, it appears to downplay the role of flood zones in determining a home's cost of coverage in favor of other variables, such as...

Key Ingredients of the Happiest Mountain Towns

Jan 7, 2016
Best Mountain Towns

If you've ever wondered where to find the happiest mountain towns, here's a fun way to learn. Check out a new contest sponsored by blueridgecountry .com. With voting open to the online public, the contest will identify "The Happiest Towns in The Blue Ridge Mountains", based on criteria such as...

Best Small Towns in NC - Hendersonville

Dec 18, 2015
Best Small Towns in NC

Small town beauty with big city appeal is one way to describe 100 year old Hendersonville, North Carolina. For almost a decade, it is known as one of the best small towns in NC after kudos from Southern Living Magazine in 2008. There are numerous reasons why this town is loved by so many. Topping the list is the town’s...

3RD HOME Continues to Enhance Member Experience

Nov 20, 2015
3RD HOME luxury exchange

From the moment 3RD HOME introduced itself to the luxury second home market, they’ve continuously added ways to enhance their club member’s travel experience. Knowing affluent individuals are increasingly wanting to purchase new experiences over tangible goods, 3RD HOME provides access to some of the most beautiful homes and yachts around the globe. In fact over 4,000 luxury homes in 74 countries. Homes in the collection are...

Georgia on 2015 Short List of Most Tax Friendly States

Nov 13, 2015
Cost Of Living Happiness

These days, more and more people are moving to the state of Georgia for healthy retirement living. Not only does Georgia have beautiful scenery, great weather, and an Atlantic Ocean coast, but the cost of living comparison is also an attraction. In 2015, Georgia was named one of America's Most Tax-Friendly States by Kiplinger...

Over 20 Naples Home Builders Offer Luxury, Location and Value in the Florida Riviera

Aug 28, 2015
Naples Home Builders

Second Quarter 2015 existing homes sales in Naples mostly remained stable overall from the same period last year, and prices moved little in the middle prices ranges (though homes priced below $300K and over $2MM saw 17 and 18 percent increases respectively), per the Naples Area Board of Realtors® MLS. With stabilized foreclosure rates and increased job growth, inventories of existing Naples homes for sale are...

Taxes in North Carolina versus Taxes in the Northeast

Aug 28, 2015
North Carolina Coastal Communities

Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” This is a very true statement, but what he doesn’t say is that you can choose how much you pay in taxes each year. Why pay more property tax on your home than you need to? One of the many perks of relocating to North Carolina...

Oriental North Carolina - The Next Happiest Seaside Town in America?

Jul 20, 2015

The small town of Oriental, North Carolina has embodied happiness for generations. In this sailor’s paradise, bliss is synonymous with being on the water. Locals in this North Carolina coastal town brag that sailboats outnumber residents three to one. So it makes sense that the town embraces all things aquatic. Even Oriental’s history revolves around...


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