What Defines the Community of Compass Pointe

Compass Pointe NC Best Neighborhoods

When you flip through the pages of relocation magazines filled with master planned communities, what is it that defines a great community? Is it the curb appeal, the pretty houses or the vibe of the neighbors? Could we be happy with one without the other? Our answer is ‘no’.

The reality is we could live in the most gorgeous neighborhood in America and without friendly neighbors, there’s an emptiness. If a neighborhood is built in the wrong place, there can be a feeling of isolation. If a neighborhood does not have architectural standards, there’s no harmony. So it takes of all these factors and more blended in a perfect way to create one of America’s Best Neighborhoods.

For years, we’ve been watching Compass Pointe unfold with these core pillars. A crystal clear vision originated by seasoned developer Bobby Harrelson and executed with perfection. I’ll bet if you asked him today, he will tell you the tipping point of success came faster then he expected. That  being a point in time when the majority of property owners felt they had ‘won the lottery’ in choosing his neighborhood as the most beautiful and happy place to live. We had the chance to observe the tipping point when his community was honored as Happiest Community of the Year in 2015 because of the number of overwhelming happy property owner votes.

When we first heard their marketing term ‘resort-style’ community, yet the community is not directly on a tropical beach, we pondered how this correlated. Now knowing the community’s heartbeat, we agree, a resort-style community best defines Compass Pointe. It’s an atmosphere where most everyone acts like their on vacation. Sunny days filled with smiles, laughter and friendly hello’s. When you’re there, you can’t avoid the happiness factor of Compass Pointe. It is a neighborhood that blends serenity and nature around sports and wellness amenities adorned by beautiful homes.

So many people we help are afraid to make a decision as to where to live in the Carolinas. Their biggest fear is whether they will fit it in and enjoy life there. We can tell you Compass Pointe is proven community, but don’t just listen to us. Read for yourself over 400 five star property owner reviews on our website that we’ve received over the years. It's special.

If you’d like to learn more about Compass Pointe, call them directly at 888.717.6468 to check on Discovery Package availability and to schedule a tour.

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