Retirees Infatuation with Asheville

Cliffs Walnut Cove Asheville NC

Several years ago, a friend bought a summer home near Asheville, North Carolina. It was a chic cabin, in a beautiful community overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains. They enjoyed hiking there, riding their Harley motorcycle in the mountains, and he and his wife loved the music and food and the variety of fun things to do in Asheville.

Now they are 69 years old and spend at least 8 months living in Asheville every year. They sold their cabin, and they have settled into one of the finest Asheville golf communities. We visited them this spring, and can't pinpoint just one reason that makes Asheville such a fun and lovable place, because it is a mix of things - the nature, the culture, and the quality of life - that make it one of the best places to live in North Carolina at retirement. We're nuts about Asheville.

In 2016, Asheville was selected as a top retirement destination by Where to Retire Magazine. A few reasons given were the friendly residents, the colorful seasons, the Blue Ridge Parkway scenery, and hip vibe of downtown Asheville. The scenic beauty is like a magnet drawing retirees outdoors. There are dozens of scenic outlooks on the Blue Ridge Parkway for lazy day picnics. Several of the stops have easy hikes to waterfalls and beautiful vistas.

If Asheville golf communities are on your mind, there is none better than The Cliffs at Walnut Cove, where one membership gives you not only access to The Cliffs at Walnut Cove in Asheville but to six more award winning golf communities in The Cliffs collection. Three are on sparking clean Lake Keowee and three are in and around the foothills of Western South Carolina. The Cliffs at Walnut Cove is of the few Asheville golf communities. 

Folks love the challenge of The Cliffs at Walnut Cove, with its fairways in the scenic valley and mountain streams that flow throughout the course. The gated private community sits at the base of the Blue Ridge Parkway. While members spend the day on the links, others have access to an outstanding fitness center and tennis courts, as well as all the other great amenities to choose such as enjoying world class cuisine at the clubhouse. People often think of retirement communities in Asheville NC when they first begin looking around but they soon many realize they’re just looking for a like-minded group of people to hang out with together and an age restricted community isn't necessary.

Asheville has attracted so many retirees that the populations of many master planned communities are over 55+ and yet have not imposed the age restrictions. Retirement communities in Asheville NC without age restrictions allow residents the ability to enjoy their kids and grandkid without excessive rules and regulations.

Downtown Asheville makes living at retirement more fun. The ‘Land in Sky’ city has a lively scene of dining, arts, culture, and mild four season weather which makes it one of the best places to live in North Carolina at retirement. Some of the most popular things to do in downtown Asheville include:

• Asheville Wellness Tours - Sip tea in the local Dobra Tea House, check out some of the city's best yoga spots, and learn the healing power of salt therapy in Asheville's salt cave.

• A Beer and Brewery Tour - Visit some of downtown's best local breweries, where craft beer has become a modern symbol of the city.

• Live Theatre - Catch a live performance at one of many venues, like the small and intimate productions at NC Stage Company.

• The Asheville Urban Trail - This 1.7 mile loop of the downtown area is like walking through an outdoor museum. On the way you'll pass sculptures, historic sites, and all the highlights of the city.

• Live Music and Dancing - On any night of the week, you can find great live music at venues all throughout the downtown area.

• Art Galleries - Downtown Asheville is home to hundreds of wonderful artists, who feature their works at museums and galleries all throughout the area.

• Fine and Casual Dining - Asheville is home to one of the proudest and most creative food scenes in the USA. In the downtown area alone, there are more than 60 local restaurants featuring a variety of cuisines. And many offer locally grown farm-to-table dishes.

If you need more reasons why Asheville is one of the best places to live in North Carolina at retirement, then come and check this great city for yourself. Summer is a wonderful time to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway, enjoy the downtown scene, and check out some of Asheville's top retirement communities.  

Ask for our free Asheville relocation information to help you learn more about great places and things to do in Asheville. 

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