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One of the hottest spots in mountains to buy a home is no doubt the culturally diverse town of Asheville. But did you know when it comes to purchasing new homes in Asheville NC, even nationwide, there are several elements that can help increase the future value, and ultimately the return on your investment?  In a normal real estate market, most homes do appreciate. The percentage of increase is based on a multitude of factors.  Whether it is location, architectural style, the age of the home, amenities, size of the house and number of bathrooms are all reasons why home shoppers select one home over the other.

That trend changes annually and the results of those trends are tracked by the reputable Board of Realtors®. In a recent analysis of annual appreciation growth in millions of home sales nationwide, they have compiled some notable statistics that highlight eight factors where home values have consistently risen.  The results may surprise you. Here is what was found:

  • Modern/Contemporary home styles led appreciation values in architectural designs with an increase in value of 7.7%.  Bungalows noted a 6.5% increase, traditional rose 5.6%, ranch homes 4.5%, Craftsman 3.7% and Victorian 2.2%.
  • Over the last 5 years, the size of property matters. Research found that homes under 1200 square feet was the preference for first time buyers and retiring Baby Boomer with a notable appreciation of 7.5% per year, while homes 2400 square feet and above rose only 3.8% per year in comparison.
  • Open Floor Plans are desirable for living spaces with an average annual appreciation of 7.4%.  Not so “hot” items such as granite countertops appreciated only 2.5% and stainless-steel appliances just 3% annually.
  • “Less is More” when it comes to Bedrooms.  Since 2012, homes with one bedroom rose an impressive 7.2% in value, 2 bedrooms experienced a 6.6% gain, 3 bedrooms a 6.3% increase and the lowest appreciation value of 4.9% for 4-bedroom homes.
  • “Homes with a View” ranked higher on the list than those without.  Park views increased property values by 7.9%, mountain views came in at 5.1% and lake views noted a 4.9% incline in value.
  • Location matters…Urban homes located near mass transportation rose 8.4% in value annually.  Access to quality schools increased home values by 7.2% and nearby shopping added 6.5%.
  • Amenities also matter in home resales.  Patios increased property values by 6.8%, followed by homes with hardwood floors which rose 5.7% and fireplaces added 5.3%.

In Asheville neighborhoods, mountain modern architecture has become a highly desired home style and is quickly changing the image of a traditional “rustic mountain cabin”.

One of the main reasons the “green architectural philosophy” is so popular today is the prevention of environmental degradation which is basically the depletion of natural resources like air, water and soil.  Preservation of natural surroundings is quickly becoming a top priority for housing developments and shoppers are taking note especially when designing new homes in Asheville North Carolina.

It makes sense because Asheville has some of the most beautiful landscaping in the country as it is strategically located between the impressive Blue Ridge Parkway and the Great Smoky Mountains.  Referred to as the “Land of the Sky” by locals, the majestic mountainous terrain and progressive artistic expression found in Asheville inspires “going green” to insure the region is preserved when building properties here.

Asheville has an average elevation of 2,165 feet above sea level and developers take advantage of the picturesque mountain ranges that surround the area when designing homes that preserve the natural elements.  Sustainable architecture associates with the modern lifestyle and is synonymous with environmentally conscious designs.

Modern homes reflect the desire to invite a relationship with nature and “green designs” are the trend when it comes to building “environmentally friendly” living spaces.  The new generation of architects create designs which will incorporate the psychological benefits of living one with the great outdoors which helps nurture the soul, elevate mood and boost overall well-being.

Mountain modern architecture is considered one of the most sought-after design trends in Asheville neighborhoods for a multitude of reasons. When folks think of the traditional mountain rustic home they envision a space that radiates shelter, warmth and protection from the harsh elements of high country living.  This classic notion of mountain living has evolved with advances of technology that enable homes to be built more energy efficient and yet still cozy with new artistic designs that are more appealing to home shoppers today, especially in the austere city of Asheville.

Contemporary structures have massive windows that allow natural sunlight to flow throughout the living space while inviting the outdoors inside to energize the soul with spectacular mountain views.  New homes are developed to embrace the connection to natural surroundings with bright and open designs incorporating walls of glass to enjoy the scenery found in Asheville neighborhoods scattered throughout the Great Smoky Mountain region.  New technology allows comfortable homes with high energy rewards, efficient use of space and a lot less clutter.

Another plus in modern designs are extended outdoor living spaces where small easily concealed radiant heaters are used to heat the body rather than the air and allows spending time outdoors on a patio or deck possible even during cooler weather.  Contemporary homes also feature outdoor fire pits of all shapes and sizes that can be made of sculptural steel elements that heat up and radiate warmth while enhancing the overall structural design of the exterior of the home when not in use.   This is a highly desired amenity when buying new homes in Asheville NC with the magnificent landscaping that surrounds the region.

Modern housing also is the use of creative lighting throughout the open living spaces.  Traditional lighting once designed to light an entire room are being updated with flexible, efficient and controllable LED fixtures that are used to accent specific areas.  This lighting alternative has become popular with contemporary home styles, creating light to dramatically accent unique architectural designs and create a reserve of energy usage.  The pools of light are designed to enhance a sense of well-being by surrounding the space with warmth and artistic expression.

Building materials are also evolving when building contemporary homes.  Mixed textures and recycled materials are now the norm when selecting sustainable mountain housing.  Products like recycled glass or quartz are often used to add distinctive flair to interior finishes creating a unique and innovative sparkle to the finished product.  Simplicity with extravagance reflects the personality of the owner who can admire the home as a piece of functional art.

Asheville was built on the tradition of artistic expression when creative souls ventured from Biltmore to Black Mountain over a 100 years ago. Folks are drawn to the region located between the Blue Ridge and The Great Smoky Mountains, where residents enjoy captivating landscaping, an abundance of outdoor activities, and the amazing festivities this happening city has to offer.

The historic downtown is filled with rich culture, exquisite eateries, live music and spectacular art galleries.  The city is literally covered in art and is quickly becoming the most desired spot to live in Western North Carolina. Only 30 minutes away outdoor excursions to Chimney Rock State Park provide the ultimate retreat from the hustle and bustle of big city living.  Lake Lure and the Hickory Nut Gorge offer panoramic views of the mountains and the ultimate place to bond with nature.

Reviving a once industrial district, Asheville began its cultural transformation in the mid 80’s and since has become one of the hottest art scenes in the country drawing folks countrywide to come and explore this magnificent city.  The River Arts District is located on a one mile stretch of the serene French Broad River in downtown with 22 historical buildings that feature the works of over 200 of the best artists in the world.  Studios and art galleries house a wide array of genres including paintings, pottery, ornate glass, textiles and metal sculptures.  Local breweries, live entertainment and exquisite dining options complete the formula for the perfect place to live the best of both worlds in the mountains of North Carolina.

There are so many things to do in and around the city, it is no surprise that new homes in Asheville are selling at record paces. Now is the perfect time to plan an escape to this colorful city and check out the “eco-friendly” Asheville neighborhoods.

Take the time to explore the mountain modern architecture and experience first hand the lifestyle offered in these recreated “rustic mountain cabins”.  It is also wise to seek the expertise of those who live in and know the area to make the search simple and hassle free. Seek out real estate experts who not only know the market, but those who know the best Asheville neighborhoods to live.

This is why we rely on Modern Asheville. Led by Kelly Erin-Spinney and Troy Winterrowd, together they make a solid team that insure your real estate transaction is seamless and smart. They provide comforting guidance throughout the entire process as a skilled a buyer’s agent.

Ask us for our complimentary Asheville Relocation Information to help you learn more about the area.


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