Brunswick Forest Displays an Attitude of Gratitude and Heart for Helping

Brunswick Forest NC Volunteerism

At Brunswick Forest, an attitude of gratitude is evident, even in the best of times. In challenging times, that sentiment is multiplied exponentially. In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence’s September 14 landfall in our region, Brunswick Forest team members and residents said they realize they were extremely fortunate that the community sustained only minor damage and, remarkably, no homes flooded.

“While we were indeed fortunate, we were also diligent in designing and building the community to the highest of standards,” Jerry Helms, vice president of sales for Brunswick Forest. “Building to such high standards allowed us to fare well in this historic event.” The response to their good fortune was twofold.

People Helping People

“First, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to all the first responders, linemen, utility workers, medical teams, county and town officials, volunteers and countless others who helped us prepare for the storm and are still dedicated to the ongoing recovery efforts in our area,” said Jerry Helms, vice president of sales for Brunswick Forest. “We deeply appreciate their sacrifice and diligence.” The second response has been an outpouring of support to help those who did suffer damage and loss from the storm.

“The entire Brunswick Forest community has really stepped up to the plate,” said Joe Calla, a resident of the Brunswick Forest neighborhood Walden who is also a board member of Brunswick Family Assistance. Calla estimated the number of volunteers from throughout Brunswick Forest to be 60-70 people. “Countless neighbors have been manning the food and supply distribution stations,” he said. “Many work hours every day and then ask: Where are we going to be tomorrow?” Calla’s Walden neighborhood also voted to give the $1,500 from their HOA dues they usually set aside for an annual picnic to Brunswick Family Assistance for food and supplies. “In light of so much need, we decided to cancel the picnic and donate the money where it can help people,” said Calla.

Brunswick Forest has also added a hurricane relief component to a concert the hosted in Annsdale Park October 6, featuring the popular local band Party of 6ix. The public was invited, and all attendees are asked tobring donations to replenish the food pantry at Brunswick Family Assistance. There is a significant need for canned and other nonperishable food, diapers and related products, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items. Cash donations are also welcome.

Brunswick Family Assistance is dedicated to improving the lives of families and individuals in crisis in Brunswick County, who are willing to help themselves, by providing emergency assistance and educational and skills development programs. If you'd like to learn moreabout Brunswick Family Assistance's role in our community, visit their website at to learn more. BFA offers volunteer opportunities, donations and fundraising events for those looking to get more involved in helping to give back to our local community.

Center of Support

The businesses within The Villages of Brunswick Forest are also helping out, creating a hub of support within the community’s center of commerce. For example, on September 21, agent Josh London utilized the State Farm office in The Villages for emergency supply distribution from Brunswick Family Assistance, also serving complimentary cold drinks and several hundred hot dogs from Beach House Dawgs. The Joyce Irish Pub also held another hurricane relief concert on September 27th with 100% of the proceeds going to BFA.

As Leland mayor Brenda Bozeman said: “If there is any good that has come from Hurricane Florence, it has been seeing our community come together as one to tackle this storm. People throughout northern Brunswick County, the state of North Carolina and around the nation are committed to rebuilding our communities. It is this sense of togetherness that will make us stronger in the long run.”

Helms echoed the point: “Seeing the many ways, large and small, that people have been helping people has been amazing. I am so proud to live in southeastern North Carolina and to be part of such a caring community.

If you're searching for that special place to live filled with caring people, make your way to Brunswick Forest in Wilmington North Carolina. 

Call Brunswick Forest directly at 877-588-4313 for more info!

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