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As the summer cools down in the Northeast, savvy second homeowners and members of the 3RD HOME club set their sights on vacationing in the warm tropics during the winter. In exotic places like Barbados, the Bahamas and U.S. Virgin Islands. Destinations ideal for multi-generational family vacations, reunions or romantic escapes. 3RD HOME club members have access to private beachfront homes, private residence clubs and full service resorts like the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club® at St. Thomas. Exquisite places for swimming, snorkeling and paddle boarding in the crystal clear ocean with plenty of other water sports, spa, golfing and so much more. 

What is 3RD HOME? It’s a trendsetting luxury home exchange club that began in 2010 and was created to fill a need expressed by second homeowners to find a safe and trustworthy way to "expand" the use of their second homes without the hassles of renting. Club members turn the ‘unused’ time in their second home into access to luxury homes around the globe. Today the club’s collection includes over 3,900 luxury properties around the globe, homes that average $2.4 million. The program is a simple and smart home swap club. Club members deposit weeks into the program and have instant access to weeks available at any 3RD HOME property.

Exchanges are flexible and do not need to be simultaneous. If the home is available and you have the ‘keys’ deposited into your account, it’s yours! 3RD HOME determines the value of each week offered by members in “Keys,” the 3RD HOME currency. When a club member deposits an Off Season or Non Peak week into the system, they earn this base amount of keys. Deposit a Peak week and members earn double Keys. Deposit a holiday week and you'll earn triple keys. Reserving a home is quick and easy 3RD HOME’s website, one of the best home exchange websites we've seen.

Club members enjoy privacy and all the comforts of a home. Homes ranging from 1,000 square feet to over 20,000 square feet family compounds. Some of the properties in the collection come with butler services, chauffeurs and meticulous pre-trip planning services. Members experience southern hospitality during the exchange and a common respect for each other’s homes during the luxury home exchange. 3RD HOME allows club members to travel more and spend less.

3RD HOME is affiliated with some of the most respected brands in the travel industry which include:

  • Ritz-Carton Destination Club®
  • Trump International Tower Club
  • Quintess Collection
  • Select Auberge Resorts
  • Magic Village Resort at Disney
  • Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley
  • The W Austin Hotel
  • The Palms Private Residence Club Costa Rica
  • TradeWinds Catamaran Cruises
  • Tuckers Point in Bermuda
  • Vail Mountain Lodge

As a second home consultant, Real Estate Scorecard is a big advocate of the 3RD HOME club because we believe it’s a very smart way to travel around the world and offset the operational costs of owning a second home. Most second home owners live within a day’s drive of their second home and rarely use them. In fact, from what we see, 80% of the time, a second home sits vacant. This is where 3RD HOME opens up a world of opportunities without a huge expense through a luxury home exchange.

Being a member of the 3RD HOME club could dramatically improve the travel possibilities and provide extensive variety to a luxury second home owner. Many of the properties in the 3RD HOME collection are approved communities on our website, a reflection of the quality found in the club. Properties all across the Southeast and in Central America including private residence clubs. Buyers who enjoy global travel and plan to purchase a second home would be wise to review consider the 3RD HOME club to harmonize their purchase with the club’s criteria to enjoy the maximum privileges of being a member of the club. We encourage you to explore 3RD HOME, one of the finest home exchange websites you'll run across. 

Request the 3RD HOME 144 page complimentary coffee table book that showcases the many facets of 3RD HOME and explore scores of private luxury homes and properties to choose from. 3RD HOME is currently waiving the normal $2,500 initiation fee, and there are no required annual dues. So there is no cost to join to access the home swap program. Join now.

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