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For most Baby Boomers, retirement is the perfect time to expand our travel schedule. With more free time on our hands, and more financial resources, studies have shown the top five percent of boomers are doing just. The trend leans towards traveling internationally, to destinations such as Mexico, Europe and Asia. Affluent boomers spend almost $400 billion per year on vacation travel and make more than 7 trips which can become quite costly. The new ‘shared economy’ concept was born in early 2000 and has naturally expanded into the luxury vacation travel market. 

‘Sharing’ homes is a smart and cost efficient way for Boomers to see the world. The advantage of joining a luxury home exchange club like 3RD HOME is one gains access to elegant vacation homes, luxury resorts and private residence clubs around the world. Our families are no longer forced to live out of a suitcase and be interrupted by housekeeping when staying in a hotel. Luxury homes are more spacious, cozy and have all the modern conveniences a family would need. Luxury home exchanges often times include access to amenities such as private golf courses, award winning spas and even optional butler services. 

The trend of multi-generational travel is on the rise, where an entire family travels together. Mom, dad, the kids and grandparents. This creates some interesting challenges and needs. The need for more diversity of fun things to do and larger accommodations instead of 3 or 4 independent hotel rooms. This is where a luxury home exchange club shines.

One second home swapclub we’re fond of is 3RDHOME.COM, where members share their luxury second homes with like minded other 3RD HOME members. To be accepted into the club, one must own a luxury second home valued at more than $500K in a desirable location, and offer one or more weeks to members to vacation in their home. 

By prequalifying the home, 3RD HOME streamlines the second home swap process, so one can search for homes, and make an easy reservation on their website. 3RDHOME.COM currently features:

•A portfolio with $10 billion worth of luxury homes

•Incredible homes in 74 countries around the world

•5,000 luxury homes to choose from with an average value of $2.4 million

Forbes calls 3RD HOME the 'AirBnB for millionaires and billionaires'. After one joins the club, the world opens up in the most beautiful way. Where to go, what to see and where to dine? Owning a luxury second home is no longer limiting. It can be leveraged in the smartest way.  It’s easy to select a luxury home and destination through 3RD HOME to match our family’s needs.

Here’s just a few of 3RD HOME’s luxury properties available for a second home swap include: 

Luxury Apartment In The Heart Of Paris - Centrally located in the district of Marais, this 2 level apartment features a stylish lounge, a modern kitchen and an outside patio. Relax watching 500 movies from the owner's DVD collection on a giant screen descending from the ceiling. The same floor also features 2 spacious bedrooms (a king-size and a queen) and a twin bedroom plus 2 elegant bathrooms with both shower and bath tub. The basement offers a spacious 4th bedroom with a comfortable double bed, a bathroom, a second kitchen with dining facilities and a utility room. The property also comes with Jacuzzi, Hammam and Sauna for a wonderfully relaxing stay.

Stunning Abode In Koh Samui, Thailand - Behold stunning Gulf of Thailand views from an expansive balcony comprising an infinity pool, loungers and a sun bed. On the lower level, two master bedrooms overlook the Gulf of Thailand, while two guest bedrooms are located upstairs. Get ready or wind down in either master bathroom, distinguished by a 22-inch LCD TV, a deep-soaking bathtub and an outdoor rainforest shower accented with polished black pebbles.  Satisfy your cravings with in-retreat dining, available 24 hours a day. For anything else—including the delivery of complimentary cold drinks and ice cream treats from the resort’s Sweet Spots—just call Whatever/Whenever.

Live The Good Life In Barcelona, Spain - This fabulous, antique apartment has been exquisitely refurbished and is perfect for your stays in Barcelona. The apartment is in a superb location, close to the best shops and restaurants and only two minutes walk from Plaza Catalunya and the Ramblas. This spacious, air-conditioned flat spreads over 1500 square feet and features three balconies from where you can contemplate the spectacular views of the heart of Barcelona.  Featuring three bedrooms, one with double-size bed, one double-size room with twin beds, and a suite with twin beds and a couch, this property is ideal for families with children. The dining room boasts a two-and-a-half meter table for eight people and perfect for nice meals. This lovely apartment has two bathrooms and a powder room.                                                             

This a tiny taste of the world's most exotic destinations and homes in the 3RD HOME club. By joining a trusted house exchange website, we can begin to check these exotic destinations off our bucket list. 3RD HOME's house exchange website is one of the finest we’ve seen. It’s self-explanatory, easy to use, and loaded with gorgeous properties that sleep up to 18 people. Gone is the need for travel agencies. 3RD HOME makes it easy to book on your own.


Once you join 3RD HOME's house exchange website, 3RD HOME will credit you with a number of digital "Keys". You will receive Keys for each week you make available to the other members, based on the desirability of the weeks, destination, and your home. When you are ready to take a trip, simply trade your Keys for a stay at another member's property. The exchange does not need to be simultaneous. If the property you’re interested is not available, it’s easy to set up a ‘watch list’ so you’re notified as soon as the home becomes available. The cost of the exchange varies from $395 - $995 and joining the club has a one time $2,500 enrollment fee.  Contact their New Membership Team to learn about occasional promotional offers.

It’s simple, economical, and wonderfully efficient, with thousands of luxurious properties to enjoy.

To learn more about the club and request a free e-brochure, visit 3RDHOME.COM.


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Request Free Real Estate Information

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