How COVID Is Changing the Design of Homes We Buy


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The global pandemic has caused many of us to rethink our homes. After all, we’re spending a lot more time there these days. But whether you’re working from home or reimagining your retirement plans, there are lots of things to consider where home design is concerned.

In light of new homeowner priorities, custom builders are thinking outside the box to offer unique design ideas that deliver on luxury and versatility. If you are getting ready to build a home in SC, NC, or TN, here are a few innovative design concepts that have gained traction over recent months:

Adaptable Spaces

Flexibility is a primary focus these days as there is no guarantee as to what the future holds. Designers favor adaptable layouts, like open-concept rooms with dividers that can deploy at a moment’s notice, and create multiple zones for specific purposes—like napping, reading, entertainment, work, or meditation.  

Accessory Dwelling Units

Converting a garage, basement, or building a self-contained suite that’s not attached to the home adds value from many standpoints. Whether you’re concerned about quarantining or want to have your family closer to you, an accessory dwelling makes a lot of sense.

Anti-Microbial Surfaces

While we all love Carrera marble, it’s not the most sanitary choice for a kitchen counter. With mounting concerns over how long bacteria and viruses linger, homeowners want to be extra sure that their surfaces are as clean as can be. Anti-microbial choices like quartz are just as beautiful and luxurious as marble. Choosing non-porous tile flooring over carpet and laminate over hardwood can give you the style you crave without the maintenance and risk.

Low-Touch Options

Smart home devices are having a moment right now. Most new appliances offer smart technology, and even faucets and lighting can be controlled with a gesture or voice. Smart toilets and showers in the bathroom deliver luxury, comfort, and convenience too. Without the need to handle these high-touch fixtures, you lower the risk of germ transmission and reduce cleaning frequency.

In-Home Entertainment

Since you’re spending a lot more time at home, you might consider creating your favorite recreational atmosphere in your basement or another part of the house. Some ideas include home theaters, a game room, a wet bar, a wine tasting room, a spa room, or a fitness room. Whatever your dream is, you only have to imagine it to bring it home!

The Many Moods of Color

With all the stress we’re under these days, there is undoubtedly a need to create a calm, peaceful escape. Designers are embracing tranquility and creativity, with colors explicitly chosen for their psychological benefits. For example, bright colors are stimulating, while a soft blue elicits calm and peacefulness. Red is intimate, white feels clean and pristine, and purple is the color of creativity. Apply different color schemes to create the atmosphere you want in each room.

Dedicated Entryway

To segue from the outdoors in, a dedicated entryway is fast becoming a new home design essential. Think of it as a transitional space where people can remove their outerwear and shoes and sanitize their hands before coming in. For new homes in SC, NC, or TN, it adds a touch of southern luxury and exclusivity. Plus, it makes it that much easier to make a grand entrance! It could be a foyer between the door and the front hall, or you might want to enclose it entirely for added separation.

Air Quality Systems

The quality of the air you breathe inside your home is directly related to your health. While typical HVAC systems filter and recirculate air from inside your home, an air purification system takes in air from outside, purifies it, and distributes it through the house. Most systems can be added to an existing HVAC system so you can have reliable home comfort and the freshest, cleanest air possible.

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