Best Tennessee Community of the Year - Rarity Bay

Rarity Bay Tennessee Lakefront Homes

The sun is shining brightly on Rarity Bay after 5 years of clouded woes brought on by its real estate developer Mike Ross who was ousted by the courts. Now managed and controlled by the Community Association (CAI), Rarity Bay’s destiny is back in the hands of property owners and the community is thriving. 

We knew Rarity Bay was a gem after our first visit in the spring of 2009. The snow covered Great Smoky Mountains off in the distance left an impression with us we will never forget. Could there be a more beautiful master-planned community in Eastern Tennessee? Rarity Bay’s topography gently rolls down to Tellico Lake and provides jaw dropping views of the mountains, lake and its golf course. Tellico Lake has been recognized as a Best Place to Boat in the U.S. by Boating Life Magazine.

Property owners are clearly pleased with the ways things are going and say “Walking outside my front door immediately puts a smile on my face.” Another property owner describes Rarity as “the scenery is spectacular, the lake and golf course are top notch, and the people are just plain NICE. We're quite close to Knoxville, which is about as vibrant a medium sized city as you'll find” and another says “It is a very friendly, caring, close knit community of people who welcome all new arrivals with open arms” and another says “I have lived here 18 years and it has been like heaven.” You can read 93 verified property owner reviews on our website on the bottom of Rarity Bay's Community Review page.

The home designs are stunning with dramatic roof lines, stone and brick exteriors and some of the homes have private boat docks on Tellico Lake. A variety of home styles are available at Rarity Bay. Low maintenance condo’s can be found in the low $200k’s, villas in the $300k’s, single family homes begin in the $500k’s, and lakefront homes can exceed $1 million. Amenities include a championship golf course, clubhouse with dining, swimming pool, tennis, equestrian center and dog park. Some of the re-sale homes include a golf membership. We’re thrilled to see all the new construction at Rarity Bay. Approximately 450 of the 1,600 planned homes have been built.

More than 50 social clubs include the Rarity Bay Women’s Club, Rarity Rides (motorcycle club), Rarity Bay Yacht Club, book, garden and dance clubs, dinners for eight and volunteerism to help the local community. Rarity Bay also has its own First Responders to care for one another in the event of an emergency. We honor Rarity Bay for their perseverance, strong leadership and compassion for the local community.

Kudos to Rarity Bay, Real Estate Scorecard's 2014 Bliss Award winner for Best Tennessee Community of the Year!

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