2015 Bliss Awards

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Real Estate Scorecard is the industry leader of online real estate reviews, keeping buyers informed about what's happeningn at the most popular master planned communities in Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee and in Central America. Our in-depth research provides candid insight into the overall happiness at popular neighborhoods to live. We monitor 330+ master planned communities and have collected over 4,000 verified property owner reviews to date.

Each year, we honor the 'best' with our prestigious Bliss Award. The fifteen awards are presented in these categories:

  • Happiest Community of the Year 
  • Community Spirit of the Year
  • Florida Community of the Year 
  • Georgia Community of the Year
  • North Carolina Community of the Year
  • South Carolina Community of the Year
  • Tennessee Community of the Year
  • Beach Community of the Year
  • Boating Community of the Year
  • Equestrian Community of the Year
  • Golf Community of the Year
  • Hiking Community of the Year
  • Lake Community of the Year
  • Mountain Community of the Year
  • Tennis Community of the Year

On the pages to follow (blue button below), you'll discover the friendliest neighborhoods, most relaxing places to live, communities with superior amenities and attributes that make them special. Communities honored with Bliss Awards are places a buyer wouldn't want to miss seeing in person before making a home buying decision. Both big and small, these are the finest master planned communities in the South.

If you're in the market for a home or property and would like some assistance, answer a few simple questions on our Community Matchmaker Questionnaire and we'll promptly send you suggestions of communities to see. 

It's our pleasure to help!

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