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The hustle and bustle of the city may be the ideal destination for the workaholic, but even the high-rise condos and all-night eateries can lose their luster. The idea of retreating to a simplistic lifestyle with a luxurious touch can be tempting to any city-goer. Thankfully, a hospitable community in Greensboro, Georgia caters to individuals in need of some down-to-earth comfort and charm. 

Reynolds Plantation is one of the lovely golf resorts near Atlanta located in Greensboro, Georgia. The southern hospitality can be found in every one of the boutiques, cafes, restaurants and stores in the downtown area of Greensboro along with the retail village Reynolds Plantation built within walking distance of its gated entrance. The Lake Oconee Village’s small town feel provides plenty of conveniences and is an entertainment landmark for the local residents in the surrounding area. Businesses at Lake Oconee Village include:

  • Publix
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Spotlight Theaters
  • Gary’s Garden Center
  • Lake Oconee Paint Shop
  • The Golf Locker
  • The Oconee Cellar
  • More businesses include banks, home builders, dentists, salons and restaurants

Reynolds Plantation home styles inside the gates seem endless. The residential neighborhoods consist of different subdivisions or “villages” that rest on Lake Oconee, one of best places to retire on a lake. The Village at Lake Club Pointe and Lake Oconee Village are both thriving communities of families and retirees who enjoy the scenic lake views, ideal fishing coves and five-star championship golf courses. Along with these amazing perks, the architecture of the homes and vacation cottages enhance the southern tone of Greensboro’s historical surroundings. Many people are quickly “sold” on the high quality attributes of Reynolds Plantation and home builders are busy to keep up with the increased market demand.

Reynolds Plantation home builders continue to focus their efforts on creating energy sustainable custom homes. The lake community offers “Signature Home Designs” for property owners and promote eco-friendly options for those who want to help build a greener community. Featured home builders and architects at Reynolds Plantation are experts in green initiatives like waste recycling and alternative energy sources. They also showcase their Southern-style creativity through their home design collections one of the finest golf resorts near Atlanta.

For those interested in experiencing Reynolds Plantation’s Discovery Package, there are several comfortable options. Marina Cove Village and The Landing cottages are cozy places for visitors to relax and enjoy their home as they explore Lake Oconee golf courses. Each cottage provides luxury amenities for visitors such as rocking chairs, dining tables for events and a front porch to enjoy the views of the lake. The Village at Lake Club Point promotes their fully-furnished condos and located close to the tennis courts in the community. For visitors wanting a resort experience, The Ritz-Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation is in the heart of five championship golf courses and offers five star dining and spa choices for the entire family. 

Whether you are planning to stay a day, a month or a lifetime, Reynolds Plantation can be the place to live. People from the big cities come to getaway from the bright lights and coastal threat of hurricanes. Retirees have found paradise here as they enjoy their next chapter in their lives. Lake Oconee Village offers more than you'd expect, all within walking or bicycling distance of your Reynolds Plantation home.

If you've got your eyes on the best places to retire on a lake, ask for our complimentary Lake Oconee relocation information to help you learn more about the area. It's our pleasure to help.

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