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It’s well-known that Florida is a great state to retire to. The sun, the surf, and the social security top the list of perks for the Sunshine State.

Now the question remains: where in Florida will you retire? At Real Estate Scorecard, we recommend Naples or Sarasota—two of the most luxurious city getaways the state has to offer.

But don’t take our word on it: the US World & News Report collected, compiled, and collated the data, and now the results are in. The results were based on six factors:

  • Housing affordability
  • Retiree taxes
  • Job market
  • Health care quality
  • Desirability
  • Overall happiness

Unsurprisingly, over 3,000 baby boomers favor Florida, and both Naples and Sarasota made the top five in choice of cities. 

Why Sarasota and Naples are Perfect Retirement Cities in Florida

Here are our top four reasons to spend your golden years soaking the good life in Naples and Sarasota:

1.     Beaches

Florida is the home of some truly exquisite beaches. Imagine, if you will, long swathes of powdery soft white sand surrounded by miles upon miles of turquoise blue water. Enjoy splashing around in the warm, shimmering water by day, and in the evening, settle in for a sunset the likes of which you’ve never seen before. There’s nothing quite as soothing or mesmerizing as a Florida beachfront sunset; watching the last of the day’s sunbeams fade to dusky twilight as the night comes alive with the music of cicadas.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Naples and Sarasota are perfect spots for avid beach dwellers to make a home. From Naples, you have access to Naples Pier, Hideaway Beach and Tigertail Beach on the Marco Island inlet, and Vanderbilt Beach. In Sarasota, you’ll find Siesta Key—known as the #1 beach in the USA and #11 in the entire world—along with Crescent Beach and the unspoiled Caspersen Beach. 

2.     Outdoor Activities

How about fishing? Naples Bay, the 1,000 Islands, and the Everglades are teeming with fish of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re fishing for fun or sport, you’re likely to snare some grouper, snook, trout, redfish, and tarpon.

If you’re more of a landlubber, there is no shortage of outdoor draws. Both Naples and Sarasota boast a wealth of gorgeous, expansive golf courses designed by master architects, like the great Arthur Mills.

If you’re shopping real estate in Naples, check out The Rooker, Hammock Bay, or TPV Trevis Bay courses. There’s no finer golf in Sarasota than at University Park Country Club, or perhaps you’d prefer some world-class long-boating. It’s all here!

3.     Nature

Naples and Sarasota have some incredible native flora and fauna to behold. Along with the pristine beaches—like those found around the oasis of Marco Island—there is Florida’s own World Heritage site, the Everglades. The Everglades is home to a mind-blowingly diverse natural ecosystem. Its estuaries and rivers of grass play host to everything from crocodiles, manatees, and dolphins, to bears, birds, and panthers.

Explore the vast stretches of forest, cypress, mangroves, and more, courtesy of Florida’s extensive conservation efforts. When you have the Everglades in your backyard, you’ll never have a boring day! Naples also features 30 beautiful miles of trails, ideal for hiking, biking, and walking, along with countless parks and ponds calm enough for even the most casual kayaker. 

4.     Life and Culture

Naples and Sarasota hardly lack cosmopolitan pursuits. The shopping features everything from department stores to upscale boutiques, and there’s a diverse range of multicultural dining to whet your appetite, no matter what you might be craving.  

As for healthcare, there are two state-of-the-art medical facilities within a 30-mile radius of Naples. Sarasota, meanwhile, boasts some of the best specialist clinics in the region. With everything from orthopedic to cardiac care facilities, Sarasota is remarkably progressive and well-equipped to handle all your medical needs.

If you’re already imagining your retirement in Naples or Sarasota, we can help you find the perfect spot to call home. Fill out the form below to receive real estate information about Naples or Sarasota—or any of these communities—and get ready to start living your retirement dream!

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