Baby Boomers Ready to Pick Florida as Best State to Retire

Best State To Retire Florida

Trulia confirmed the interest level is coming back to one of the best states to retire, the state of Florida. Could it be because of the pricing corrections now factored into the market making Florida properties an excellent value? Or is it because of Florida's tropical weather, low cost of living and cultural opportunities? Either way, it’s hard to dispute being surrounded by beaches and fantastic golf courses. Florida is perfectly nicknamed the Funshine State and after living here for more than 40 years, we can’t imagine ever moving away from this playful state.

Five Florida cities are on Trulia's list of the 10 most cities searched:

  • Bradenton-Sarasota
  • Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach
  • Cape Coral-Fort Myers
  • West Palm Beach-Boca Raton
  • Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford 

We're not surprised to see three cities located in the southern end of the state along the coast as best cities to retire in Florida. Could it be because Cuba is beginning to open up the real estate market? Although American’s cannot purchase property in Cuba at this time, it makes sense people would be excited about changes now taking place in Cuba. Or could it be because gambling may soon be legalized in Florida? Casino gambling has been voted against by Floridians for decades and today seems like a smart solution to improve South Florida’s economy. If you look at the landscape of South Beach, Boca Raton and the West Palm Beach Florida coastline, Donald Trump has been building new condominiums and hotels for the last 10 years preparing to dominate the casino market share the moment casino gambling becomes legal in Florida. In October 2011, the Trump organization put in a bid to purchase Miami’s finest golf course, the Doral Golf Resort & Spa retrieving it from the bankruptcy courts. Doral Golf Resort & Spa is the perfect setting for a luxury casino resort hotel. South Floridian’s have seen firsthand the success of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. While naysayer’s claim casinos attract riffraff, we haven’t seen this to be the case here in South Florida. The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has brought positive benefits and excitement to the Fort Lauderdale Florida area. Casino’s provide excellent restaurants, world class entertainment, celebrity events, gaming opportunities, provides jobs and tax revenue.

It is a pleasure to see new construction again and cranes dotting the skylines across Florida. It’s no wonder people are interested in Orlando Kissimmee Florida as America’s top tourist attraction destination. Our son attends college at the University of Central Florida, the 3rd largest college in America. This has given us the opportunity to learn more about Orlando from a resident’s perspective, beyond Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Downtown Orlando is an exciting area with contemporary condominiums and outdoor cafes lining the streets. Lake Eola is the centerpiece of downtown Orlando hosting a weekend Farmer’s Market and live entertainment. As a large metropolitan city, the suburbs of Orlando provide plenty of master planned communities away from the center of the city, if you don’t mind the warmer weather.

On the west coast, Sarasota Florida has always been known as one of the best cities to retire in Florida for decades. Beautiful white sandy beaches, pink hotels and warm orange sunsets. Bradenton is just to the west of Sarasota providing more affordable bedroom communities. Cape Coral Fort Myers Florida was the hardest hit area in Florida during the real estate market collapse. Today, this area north of Naples is coming back strong as buyer's have been scooping up the deals in this market. Florida is a huge state and has so many excellent places to live, places folks may not have discovered on Trulia. We look forward to sharing the best master planned communities in the Treasure Coast, Space Coast, Gold Coast and Emerald Coast. Take a peek at Palm Coast Florida, also one of the best to cities to retire in Florida

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