Boat Loads of Fun with the Cruising Club at Tellico Village

Tellico Village Cruising Club Fun

The season of fun in the sun is underway in Eastern Tennessee after the official Blessing of the Fleet on April 26, 2014. For people living around Tellico Lake, many of their activities revolve around the area’s natural aquatic beauty.  Whether you have a preference for boating, swimming or fishing, Tellico Village seated at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains is a great place to relax and live the good life with the Tellico Cruising Club. 

The good times will soon explode the July 4th Independence Day as Tellico Village, one of the best places to retire in Tennessee. Rockin’ the Docks is an annual Eastern Tennessee lake event. The Saturday, July 5th event features a variety of activities for the entire family. Delicious food with live music by Pop Rox, RMS and Super Dave 5. The night will end with a great firework show choreographed to music over the lake.

Events like this are symbolic of life at Tellico Village, named Real Estate Scorecard’s Bliss Award winner as the 2014 Happiest Community of the Year. The boating season kicks off during the last week of April with the Blessing of the Fleet.

A minister from the local Lutheran church delivered a specialized blessing – wishing the captains and crew a successful summer.  The ancient custom of the Blessing of the Fleet can be traced back to Old World European fishing communities where God was publicly acknowledged and asked for a bountiful harvest and the safety of the men at sea.

Tradition, family and fun.  That’s what Tellico Village social clubs are all about.  

Take the Tellico Cruising Club for example. Its mission is two-fold -- to promote safety and have fun.  The club holds various boating safety courses taught throughout the year by Coast Guard auxiliary members. The classes cover everything from planning and preparation and what to do in an case of an emergency.

But the heart of this master-planned community lies in its social functions. There are more than 400 members in the group who enjoy getting together to socialize. The Tellico Cruising Club is one of the community's clubs and its activities have grown to consist of at least one major event each month including cruises to lakeside restaurants, multi-day cruises, such as the annual Watts Bar Rendezvous, and dinner/dances, such as the annual Christmas Party.

Since the Cruising Club’s inception, Saturday raft offs have always been a popular event.  In 2004 the frequency of raft offs were expanded to every other Saturday and in 2007 raft off frequency was expanded to every Saturday during the boating season.  It is not unusual for 20 – 30 vessels to gather in a quiet cove to enjoy each other’s company.  In addition to Saturday raft offs during the boating season, the Club holds two major annual raft off events: a moonlight raft off and a circle raft off during the Great Island Festival at the Fort Loudoun State Historical Area.

Other highlights coming this summer include:

  • Island Time Raft Off  - June 21st
  • Christmas in July Raft Off – July 12th
  • Godfather Raft off – August 2nd
  • Circle Raft Off (to Historic Fort Loudon) August 9th
  • Whitestone Cruise & Luncheon – September 9th
  • Fall River Cruise – October 11th

These are just some of the group’s events throughout the year. Even if you’re not a fan of cruising or water sports, Tellico Village is known as one of the best places to retire in Tennessee.

It is the natural beauty of the area that adds to its appeal: Tellico Lake waterfront property with views of the Smoky Mountains.  For many residents, when they are not on the water, they are usually just a stone’s throw away from a golf course. It’s the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle that makes Tellico Village one of the country’s best retirement communities.

Adding to its appeal for active Baby Boomers: The more than 100 Tellico Village social clubs, classes, and interest groups that are offered in Tellico Village. Residents can play badminton, basketball or exercise in the gymnasium at The Wellness Center to stay active. There are many groups that meet regularly to play bridge, pinochle, and Mah Jongg. There are even thrilling opportunities to hike and kayak throughout Eastern Tennessee. Retirees can continue learning with computer classes, participate in volunteer opportunities, or attend luncheons and themed parties that are held throughout the year.

Tellico Village is just 31 miles southwest of Knoxville. It is also conveniently minutes away from two major highways, I-75 and I-50 providing residents with fast access to major cities like Nashville and Atlanta.

Whether you are looking to cruise on Tellico Lake with the Happiest Community of the Year or spend your free time on the back nine, there’s a Tellico Village social club for you.

Discover what Tellico Village can offer you by calling them direct at 888.287.0676 or email.

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