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Do you wonder what you'll do after retiring, with time to fill rather than stretch? How can we keep our minds sharp as long as possible? These common retirement dilemmas are fueling a demand for lifelong learning classes for those over age 50; exciting classes we've always wanted to take but never had time for. Retirement is the golden chance to learn about photography, astronomy, maybe growing orchids. If relocating to Tennessee in one of the waterfront retirement communities is on your list, lifelong learning classes should be included in the agenda. 

Many have found Tellico Village on Tellico Lake a dream come true winner of Real Estate Scorecard's Bliss Award for 2014 Happiest Community of the Year. Villagers have formed their own non-profit University specifically to provide lifelong learning for senior villagers. TV University is a part of the STAYinTV initiative. STAYinTV was started as a part of the national trend of helping retired folks figure out how to live in their homes as long as possible, allowing them to age in place rather than relocating to another facility. STAYinTV's goal is to identify the changing needs of the Villagers and provide assistance that allows the residents to age in place at home in Tellico Village. The STAYinTV program includes help in the following areas: home maintenance, rides, grocery shopping, respite care, downsizing, and how to plan it all so you can stay in your home sweet home as long as possible. Research is discovering people are happier and living longer and healthier lives when allowed to stay in familiar surroundings and age in place.

TV University is an all volunteer organization that is an adjunct to STAYinTV. TV University provides classes lasting from two hours to several weeks on a variety of subjects.  Teachers are recruited from within the community and are vetted by a board of directors. Instructors range from a professor at Duke University to a retired analytical chemist who has a lifelong interest in Astronomy. The health classes related to food are taught by a Registered dietitian.  Following is a current list of classes that will be available this Fall:

  • Tellico Skies Astronomy
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Personal Investment Management
  • The Art of Glass Through Paperweights
  • Using Your Computer: Brochures, Newsletters, Flyers
  • The First Amendment  - What are we entitled to Say, Print and Pray?
  • To Your Health - Falls / What's the Big Deal? Balance and Fall Prevention
  • To Your Health -Enhancing Health with Functional Food

In addition to TV University supplying lifelong learning opportunities, there are numerous clubs and guilds within the Village to keep the brain cells firing. Garden Club, Quilting bees, and Woodworkers join together to share information about their hobbies. There is also an Art Guild and a Photography Club. Tennis, boating and golfing opportunities abound.

Founded in 1986 comprised of 5,000 wooded acres located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Tellico Village is one of the finest waterfront retirement communities on the shores of Tellico Lake. Tellico Lake was created by one of the last dams built by the Tennessee Valley Authority. The lakefront community boasts a wealth of amenities, the Tellico Village Yacht Club has lakefront dining. Additional amenities at the village: indoor swimming pool, new pickleball courts, a state-of-the-art wellness center with exercise classes, tennis courts and 3 private golf courses and, last but not least, a marina for boating. Knoxville, Tennessee is about 20 minutes away and provides resources of a bigger city.  Great medical care - the University of Tennessee Teaching Hospital, dining in farm to table restaurants, theatre and of course, SEC college football if you are a fan of the Big Orange. Many football fans boat to the games at Neyland Stadium (capacity 102,000) rather than drive due to the proximity to the Tennessee River. Asheville, North Carolina and Chattanooga, Tennessee are easy drives and if a big city is needed Atlanta, Georgia is about 4 hours south.

An easy place to visit, the Great Smoky Mountains feature springlike weather in the summer, spectacular fall foliage colors and mild, maybe one or two snowfalls, in the winter. Spring brings abundant colors in flowering Dogwoods, Rhododendrons, Mountain Laurels and wildflowers. This area is also home to some of the most dramatic waterfalls in the Eastern United States due to the abundant rainfall in the upper elevations of the Smokies.

We encourage you to visit Tellico Lake and experience the life of a Villager. Call Tellico Village direct at 888.287.0676 to check on Discovery Package availability. 

If you're considering relocating to Tennessee, ask for free Tellico Lake relocation information to help you learn more about the area. 


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