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Hilton Head Lakes - Lifelong Learning Campus Right Next Door

Jul 7, 2017
South Carolina lake communities

In retirement, many people like to take up new hobbies such as a photography, art, literature and other interesting subjects. And with plenty of time on their hands, they often attend college for lifelong learning courses. For those who live in Hilton Head Lakes in Bluffton, South Carolina, there are very convenient options for continuing education. Located...

Back to School at Osher Lifelong Learning in Wilmington NC

Oct 11, 2016
lifelong learning courses

The generation that paved its own way is at it again. They’re dusting off old dreams they put on the backburner and heading off to school to explore new careers, hobbies, interests and other lifelong learning opportunities. Lifelong learning is part of the culture for those living in Wilmington NC retirement communities. And at the center of this movement is the...

Lifelong Learning Opportunities in Wilmington North Carolina

May 3, 2016

Baby Boomers no longer look at retirement as a time to relax and kick back. Instead, they’re embracing the concept of personal enrichment through lifelong learning on college campuses and at community centers. Retirement is the optimal time to pursue those passions, hobbies and interests unattainable while raising a family and chasing the brass ring. Residents...

Knoxville - Not Just for College Kids

Dec 29, 2015
Knoxville Tennessee Riverfront

Baby Boomers seeking an affordable retirement destination in one of the most picturesque and culturally enriched regions of the country should consider exploring Knoxville, recognized as a best place to retire in Tennessee. With a cost of living 11% below the national average, Knoxville offers a city full of...

10 Best College Towns in the South to Live at Retirement

Sep 2, 2015
Best College Towns

Baby Boomers with an insatiable thirst for knowledge are exploring the best college towns in the south for retirement. In addition to the exciting colleges and universities, many towns cater to individuals over the age of 55 by providing lifelong learning courses at local museums and community centers to enhance their quality of life during retirement. The towns also offer...

Art Infusion Runs Deep in Wilmington North Carolina

Aug 31, 2015
Best Art Towns

Wilmington, North Carolina has a long history as an active art community. Its location, light, natural beauty and weather have drawn artists to the area making it one of the best small art towns in America. Many of the people who live or visit Wilmington buy and view art or are art collectors. Artists looking for inspirational ideas know that they can find it in...

Linger Longer Living Cultural Series Adds to a Blissful Life

Aug 17, 2015
Linger Longer Living Cultural Series

Lifelong learning has taken on a whole new meaning at Reynolds Plantation. One of the award winning golf resorts near Atlanta initiated a series of events called the Linger Longer Living Cultural Series years ago. This series is a blissful crowd pleaser educating the mind and body of club members and the local community. The events include cocktails followed by a...

Tellico Village University - 2015 Lifelong Learning Fall Courses

Jul 30, 2015
Lifelong Learning Courses Camera

Do you wonder what you'll do after retiring, with time to fill rather than stretch? How can we keep our minds sharp as long as possible? These common retirement dilemmas are fueling a demand for lifelong learning classes for those over age 50; exciting classes we've always wanted to take but never had time for...

Google Founders Over 50 Breed Golden Entrepreneurs

Jul 20, 2015
Lifelong Learning

Baby Boomers approaching retirement are also discovering the reality of non-retirement. Many are refitting and redefining what 'work' is. Many times retiring isn't about quitting work, it's about quitting a job we're bored with. When an occupation becomes a dream, the happiest business entrepreneur is born. Boomers are natural generators of ideas having changed the world via...

World's Smartest Cities Include Charleston

Jul 14, 2015
Charleston SC Neighborhoods

Charleston, South Carolina is nicknamed the Holy City for its longstanding tradition of religious tolerance. Many people revere this city for other reasons. Not only is it historic, cultured and has a centuries old tradition of supporting the arts, Charleston is also a center for smart business...


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