The Cliffs Unveils New High-Tech Wellness Center at Mountain Park

Cliffs Mountain Park Wellness Center

The Cliffs is thrilled to announce the opening of the new, state-of-the-art Wellness Center at the The Village at Mountain Park, an innovative new facility offering members of The Cliffs modern, movement-focused workout solutions and cutting-edge technology including the first Escape Fitness FunXtion machine in the U.S. — a highly advanced exercise system that lets members customize their workouts via a virtual personal trainer.

At the heart of the Wellness Center is the Escape Fitness Octagon, a revolutionary indoor “playground for adults” that focuses on functional, active movement patterns, versus isolating muscles on a traditional exercise machine. The open space incorporates 12 different functional training stations that work in tandem to offer the ultimate full body workout, utilizing tools suchs as monkey bars, TRX suspension trainers, adjustable hurtles, an agility ladder, battle ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls, sand bags and more to help build strength and agility. 

In complement to the Octagon is the Escape Fitness Funxtion interactive platform, a five-foot, cloud-based virtual trainer. Similar to a giant smart phone, the interactive touch screen device features a library of thousands of exercises utilizing various equipment in the gym — from sand bags to ropes, kettle bells and more — allowing members to create personalized, guided workouts without the aide of a personal trainer. 

“This is a departure from anything else available at The Cliffs’ Wellness Centers. It’s engaging, intuitive and functional, and the workout possibilities are only limited to your imagination,” said Ryan Kamszik, The Cliffs at Mountain Park Wellness Manager. “It’s a creative, fun way to train, and our hope is that it sparks motivation for our members to achieve their fitness goals, and reinvigorates excitement over what the body can do. The virtual elements will have a great impact, as club members can choose to workout whenever and however they choose. Our commitment has always been to total wellness, and the Mountain Park facility makes it easier than ever to live a balanced, active lifestyle, on your own schedule.”

Additional features available in the Mountain Park Wellness Center include the Cardio Classroom, a space for intimate group class experiences. Members can reserve the space to workout solo or with friends, utilizing a WELLBEATS Virtual Fitness system that offers 250+ classes on demand, from Zumba to Pilates, yoga, barre, kickboxing and much more. The Wellness Center also offers traditional gym equipment including free weights, pulleys and resistance cables, as well as high-tech Technogym cardiovascular equipment — the official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympics — and an Expresso virtual reality bike that moves with the body, simulating road races across a myriad of terrain options. 

The Mountain Park Wellness Center joins a robust stable of facilities at The Cliffs dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing. Now with six Wellness Centers throughout the seven club communities, members can choose from more than 2,800 wide-ranging health, fitness, and performance classes, including yoga, water aerobics, Zumba, balance, golf and tennis conditioning and many more. 


It's not just the facilities that make The Cliffs' wellness programs special — it's the people within those facilities. Five on-staff Fellows of Applied Functional Science — the Gray Institute certification for movement professionals prized by athletic champions and the Navy Seals — are on hand to provide custom assessments and tailor training programs for our Members.

Additionally, only four certified Nike Golf 360 (NG360) Performance Specialists reside in South Carolina — and they all work at The Cliffs. These highly trained specialists are experts in applied functional science, specifically how it relates to the complex and dynamic motion of a golf swing. NG360 programs help reduce golf handicaps and minimize the potential of injury and pain, while increasing strength, endurance and flexibility.


The Cliffs at Mountain Park Wellness Center is the first facility to open at The Village at Mountain Park since the announcement that a Greenville-based developer purchased the 18-acre parcel with plans to develop a mixed-use complex. Located near the intersection of Highway 25 and Highway 11 in Travelers Rest, the Village will include a mix of residential, commercial, retail, medical and office space to complement the Mountain Park community as well as serve the greater public of suburban northern Greenville county, Travelers Rest and surrounding neighborhoods.

Call The Cliffs directly at 866.411.5773 to tour the Wellness Center and see the most recent homes for sale at The Cliffs at Mountain Park.

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