Big Canoe Georgia Brings Wellness Expo to the Neighborhood

Big Canoe GA Wellness Classes

Health and happiness are essential to a balanced long life, and retirees are searching high and low to discover where to retire in Georgia that will meet these important needs. One award winning northern Georgia mountain community has recognized that health and fitness is a top priority for Baby Boomers and they are excited to share the news! Thanks to the Aging in Place Directory of Big Canoe, retirees get the most current information about living a healthy lifestyle, including news about upcoming health expos in the area. 

On March 22, 2014, Big Canoe in Jasper will present the Living Well Expo for the community from 7 a.m. – noon at the Piedmont Mountainside Hospital. Free complimentary screenings include: an EKG, glucose, bone density and blood pressure test and will be available for all attendees. The annual event features education about current events in health, and the door prizes are motivating retirees to come from miles around. Attendees have a chance to win a round of golf, gift cards to various stores in the area or even a mini iPad! Vendors like CBC National Bank, Comfort Keepers and many more will be present to provide their support during the event. 

The Big Canoe Living Well Expo is certain to draw attention to the best mountain town, but retirees in the area already know how supportive the community is according to the Aging in Place Directory Big Canoe. Big Canoe caters towards retirees aging in place and preserving their health with the amenities offered in their very own community directory. The Big Canoe Aging in Place Directory is a handy resource for retirees who need information about meal plans, in-home medical care, transportation, local medical facilities like Jasper Georgia hospital, and even trusted contractors. 

The directory also provides details about the Big Canoe fitness center that everyone is talking about! The state-of-the-art fitness center is more than 16,000 sq. ft. and features the most advanced workout equipment, two indoor tennis courts, 5-lane lap pool, group workout classes, personal training programs, and even a full-service spa. The squash and racquetball courts will bring out the competition in any avid player, while the Pilates and Zumba classes can lift spirits on a daily basis. All of these amenities and activities are terrific for maintaining healthy and happy lifestyles for retirees in Big Canoe homes. 

Healthy lifestyles also include regular checkups to the doctor. Big Canoe has access to close-by medical facilities in Jasper where three Piedmont Mountainside Hospitals are located. These Jasper Georgia hospitals include a specialized women’s care department, neuroscience branch and walk-in clinics. There are urgent care clinics and walk-in facilities throughout Jasper which give retirees plenty more options in order for them to feel safe and secure near home. All of this information can also be found in the Aging in Place Directory of Big Canoe that is available for residents and new comers to the neighborhood.

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