7 Fun Ways to Get Fit at Brunswick Forest in Coastal North Carolina

Brunswick Forest Village Wilmington North Carolina

Losing weight and getting in shape are always on the top of New Year’s resolution lists and with the onset of 2018, it’s time to reflect on how to make those goals a reality and have fun doing it!   The challenge that most individuals face this time of year is dealing with the harsh winter conditions that inhabit many parts of the country, especially this year, which prevents getting outside to workout.  Now is the ideal time of the year to explore your options when it comes to year-round exercise venues by paying a visit to one of the most happening historical towns found it the awe-striking coast of North Carolina, the city of Wilmington along the Cape Fear River.  

Wilmington is rich in history with cobblestone streets lined with Spanish-moss draped trees, antebellum homes, eclectic dining, unique boutiques, vibrant art galleries, theatre and live music forums that are scattered throughout 230 blocks of the National Historic District found downtown.  The contemporary Riverwalk that is built parallel to the sanctifying Cape Fear River adds the perfect architectural blend of new with the old and has made this city one of the most desired places to live in the country.  Another draw to the region are the spectacular white sand beaches only 30 minutes away.   With favorable year-round temperatures, outdoor activities abound.  Just ten minutes from downtown are some of the best Wilmington NC real estate finds in the region. One of those is the award winning master planned community, Brunswick Forest.

Baby Boomers and families of all ages looking for the ideal spot to enjoy life by the sea are flocking to the active lifestyle, superb amenities and impressive homes found at Brunswick Forest, one of the best neighborhoods in Wilmington.  Attaining and maintaining good physical health is always a goal for many and finding the place that offers an active lifestyle right within the neighborhood is becoming one of the primary reasons for selecting planned resort style communities.  

Brunswick Forest is that place. Conveniently located just 10 minutes outside Wilmington, this Wilmington NC real estate community radiates sophisticated coastal living.  Bordering the bubbling Town Creek waterway and imbedded in natural surroundings, the 4500 acre coastal community offers the ultimate combination of wellness activities.

Their impressive amenities include naturally preserved walking and biking trails, an 18-hole championship golf course, a Fitness and Wellness Center offering a wide variety of fitness classes and personal training, indoor and outdoor pools, an 11-acre residential park, tennis and pickleball courts, a stocked fishing pond, succulent dining options, a community garden along with retail shops on the fringes of outside neighborhood.  

With mild winter weather and a large variety of outdoor activities, getting fit in 2018 is a fun adventure every day at Brunswick Forest.  Here are seven fun ways to enjoy staying active at this stunning coastal North Carolina community:

    • WALKING - At Brunswick Forest there are over 100 miles of lush walking and biking trails found within this naturally preserved development.  Spanish-moss draped trees line the walkways that meander throughout the property adorned with distinctive architectural homes and rich topography.  With both paved and unpaved paths, daily outdoor excursions are a great way to get some awesome exercise while bonding with nature.  Drawn by its philosophy of “Coastal by Nature”, residents enjoy the luxury of being able to explore the wooded landscaping every day of the year.  The walking and biking trails conveniently connect to the golf course, fitness center, retail shops and allows residents easy access to neighboring communities.  The most favored nature walk covers 343-acres of preserved woodlands in the heart of Brunswick Forest.  Accessible from the impressive 11-acre Annsdale Park, a built-in boardwalk allows folks easy access to a 4-mile radius of the amazing natural elements that surround the property.  Walking is fun for all ages and has a multitude of health benefits.

Walking can reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood sugar levels and improve blood pressure according to the American Heart Association.  It also accounts for a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, asthma and certain cancers.   Walking helps maintain weight as 30 minutes at a pace of 4mph can burn up to 150 calories.  Additional benefits include; toned muscles, a strong core, reduced risk of dementia, reduced chance of osteoporosis and arthritis, improved circulation, increased Vitamin D essential for bone health and a strong immune system, increased longevity, a positive mood, reduced anxiety and stress.  It is also an ideal way to be social with friends and stay connected with neighbors.  Make sure to buy good shoes and focus on posture while walking to maximize this total body workout!

    • GOLF – The opportunity to play golf throughout the winter is yet another favorite sport that residents of Brunswick Forest enjoy.  Considered one of the best golf courses near Wilmington NC, Cape Fear National® is an award-winning 18-hole Championship course designed by NC native Tim Cate superbly incorporating the natural surrounding into this impressive greenway.  Ranked as the “#11 Best Course You Can Play in NC” by Golfweek magazine, residents can play throughout the season without paying dues or maintenance fees for the course and they also receive preferential rates and tee times.  Avid and novice golfers are invited to test their skills on the magnificent course.  An added bonus offered at this exclusive greenway are touchscreen Precedent i3 golf carts that are state-of-the art and allow golfers the ultimate tracking device for the game.  The GPS provides accurate distance information, hazard alerts, aerial navigation, system tracked pace of play, electronic scoring, pro shop assistance if needed and the ability to preorder food and beverages by messaging the clubhouse.  

There is a highly social aspect to the game for residents and a huge draw for Boomers looking for the ultimate lifestyle in retirement.  Golfing is yet another great way to get fit in 2018 with some remarkable health benefits to boot.  Playing outdoors increases the exposure to sun allowing the body to soak up vitamin D promoting bone health and a boosted immune system.  It also relaxes the body, reduces stress, relieves anxiety, reduces the risk of depression and heart disease, strengthens the bladder, builds muscle tone, and burns calories.  Skip the golf calf, walking the average course of 5 to 7 kilometers while carrying clubs can burn up to 1000 calories in a single game.   Golf is the ultimate sport to foster relationships with friends and neighbors.  Brunswick Forest is indeed the place to play this winter season.  

    • FITNESS CLASSES AND PERSONAL TRAINING – Another great resource available for fitness buffs at Brunswick Forest, is the 18,000 square-foot Fitness & Wellness Center that offers access to a fully equipped gym, fitness studio, men and women’s locker rooms, a steam room, indoor and outdoor pools, massage rooms and lounge. In summer months the outdoor pool is the “hot spot” for mingling and soaking up the sun at the expansive sundeck and snack bar.  

To keep workouts interesting there are a variety of classes offered daily.  Sunrise Stretch, Stretch and Tone, “Spartacus”, Spinning, Zumba, Boot Camp, Pilates, and Aqua Pump are some of the group classes offered residents at this impressive workout arena.  For individual guidance, personal training is the ideal way to attain fitness goals through the expertise and motivation of a seasoned professional trainer.  Outside of the facility tennis and pickbleball courts provide additional options for getting outdoors and playing these highly popular sports with fellow residents. 

    •  PICKLEBALL – One of the fastest growing sports across the country is the game of pickleball that uses paddles and a wiffle ball over a net combining the principles of badminton, ping pong and tennis.  The game is played between 2, 3 or 4 players and has become highly competitive for active seniors.  Brunswick Forest offers 6 hard surface pickleball courts to satisfy enthusiasts and the sport has become extremely popular amongst residents.  The Brunswick Forest Pickleball Club provides players several tiers of skill levels to enhance competitive play.  The January 2018 schedule offers several daily challenges for beginners, intermediate and advanced players including league play and the “Shark Challenge” on Monday evenings.   Saturday is “Scatterday” with ladder competition from 7 to 10am.  

Pickleball is fun and an excellent way to get and stay fit.  Thirty minutes of play burns 250 calories for a 150-pound person.  It is also a low-impact sport that is kind to joints, knees, elbows and back.  It also elevates mood, overall balance, agility and enhances longevity.  The sport is highly social and folks love challenging friends in this competitive game.  Due to the mild winter temperatures, Brunswick Forest residents enjoy playing outdoors throughout the year.

    • TENNIS – Another sport highly popular with “aging gracefully” Boomers is tennis.  Brunswick Forest offers 5 hard surface courts as well as a sports court for racquet enthusiasts and provides a superb exercise option for getting fit while sharing good times with fellow residents.  Tennis is considered a total body workout and offers tremendous health benefits.   An hour of singles can burn 400 to 600 calories while increasing aerobic and anaerobic health, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, improving metabolic function, increasing bone density, lowered body fat and improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility.  Increased cardiovascular conditioning is key in lowering the risks of heart disease in seniors.  Enhanced balance and coordination are also a gain from playing tennis.  Living an active lifestyle is the way of life at Brunswick Forest.  There are so many amenities offered, variety is the “spice of life” living here.

    • SWIMMING – The Brunswick Forest Fitness & Wellness Center offers both indoor and outdoor pools for folks who enjoy water recreation.  The indoor pool is ideal for swimming laps and partaking in the water aerobic classes offered.  For individuals who don’t know how to swim, free lessons are provided.  Swimming is a total body workout that provides incredible health benefits. It helps build endurance, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness.  Water resistance burns calories, tone muscles and keeps the heart and lungs healthy.  The outdoor swimming pool is highly popular throughout the extended summer months and offers an excellent venue for soaking up rays, socializing with friends, or enjoying the delicious food and refreshing drinks offered at the Splash® Cafe.  

The Hammock Pool in the Shelmore neighborhood is ideal for relaxing by the captivating Hammock Lake.  Walking trails lead to the pool and provide the perfect combination for an exhilarating outdoor workout.  The serene and glorious landscaping surrounding the pool provides the feeling of being on a “staycation” and has made Brunswick Forest the perfect spot to shop for Wilmington NC real estate. 

    • KAYAKING – Another benefit of coastal living at Brunswick Forest is the ability to explore the region by water.  Town Creek which graces the property is the ideal way to admire the spectacular natural surroundings while getting some quality exercise.  The community has a launch side on Town Creek making access to this tributary a breeze.  Kayakers can paddle through preserved virgin forests while watching wildlife frolic throughout the journey.  The waterway meets up with the Cape Fear River, the Intracoastal Waterway and ultimately flows into the Atlantic Ocean.  

Another source for water sports available at Brunswick Forest is the 3-acre Hammock Lake that also features white sandy beaches for relaxing in the sun.  Having the option of accessing waterways directly from the property is priceless when it comes to selecting the perfect retirement location.  Kayaking is peaceful and a great resource for replenishing the soul.  It is also challenging and provides a great way to lose weight.  A four-hour excursion will burn about 1600 calories, with 400 calories burned per hour.  Kayaking is ideal for reducing stress and toning back, chest, stomach, legs and arm muscles with each paddle stroke.  This is a great way to spend the day at Brunswick Forest and provides a relaxing yet spiritually fulfilling workout.

Brunswick Forest offers remarkable amenities and quite impressive housing values for this all-inclusive luxury lifestyle. Many people who visit Wilmington, never want to leave and soon discover that living the coastal lifestyle is enriching, fulfilling and indeed the perfect spot to build a home.  Brunswick Forest offers 8 distinctive neighborhoods to choose from at affordable pricing.  Master builders insure quality construction and architectural styles with distinction while maintaining the natural elements of the property.  

The Villages at Brunswick Forest is an added bonus. It has over 500,000 square feet of retail, restaurants, medical and professional services at the 160-acre town center easily accessed via the trails that loop through the property.  Residents have everything they need at this friendly, well-designed master planned community.  

Brunswick Forest also offers an active social calendar which keeps its neighbors connected.   Golf, tennis and pickleball tournaments, trivia nights, social clubs, kayak tours, and “Pub Night on Friday” are just a few of the events held each month.   It is no surprise that Brunswick Forest had record sales in 2017.  

Honored for the third time as one of “The 50 Best Master-Planned Communities” by Where to Retire magazine’s annual ratings.  Ideal Living magazine honored Brunswick Forest with “Best of the Best” awards for tennis, pickleball and kayaking. 

With an active lifestyle, rich culture, majestic scenery, and some of the most beautiful beaches on the North Carolina coastline nearby, Brunswick Forest is by far one of the best neighborhoods in Wilmington.   Now is the ideal time to escape the tundra and visit the paradise found at Brunswick Forest.  Take the journey to explore the beaches nearby at the island communities of Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Wrightsville Beach and Oak island and experience the outdoor adventures that abound here.   Water sports, exotic wildlife, delicious regional cuisine and spectacular sunsets can be found at the infamous white beaches of coastal North Carolina providing the perfect escape from bleak winter conditions.   

Come experience one of the best golf courses near Wilmington NC by scheduling a trip to visit Cape Fear National® at Brunswick Forest and discover the ultimate lifestyle offered at this prime piece of Wilmington North Carolina real estate.  The Brunswick Discovery Package is a perfect way to indulge yourself this season and discover this amazing action-packed community first hand.  The package includes:

    • 3 days and 2 nights of accommodations for two, onsite or in a nearby hotel.

    • Time to explore historic Wilmington, just minutes away, as well as the surrounding beaches. We’ll customize your visit to include the sights and attractions that interest you most.

    • Personal VIP tour of Brunswick Forest’s neighborhoods, amenities and extraordinary natural beauty.

    • Round of golf for two at Brunswick Forest’s very own Cape Fear National championship course.

    • Owner-for-a-day privileges at all amenities, including the 18,000-square-foot Fitness & Wellness Center offering tennis, indoor and outdoor pools, exercise classes and cardiovascular equipment.

    • Lunch for two either poolside at the Fitness & Wellness Center or greenside at Cape Fear National.

For more information or to make reservations, please call 866-831-8382. Space is limited so call today to plan the perfect winter getaway.  Make your 2018 New Year’s resolution a reality at Brunswick Forest.

Call Brunswick Forest direct at 877-588-4313 to schedule a tour.


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