The Hottest Toys for Retiring Baby Boomers

Villages Golf

From blue jeans to Coke Cola, buying trends change the face of America as Baby Boomers age. Baby Boomers still can’t get enough of Harley Davidson motorcycles, Ford’s classic Mustang GT, Tommy Bahama fashion and Brighton jewelry. Funny at first yet highly practical, customized golf carts are coming into favor. If you visit Ocala Florida, The Villages 55+ retirement city has the largest collection of pimped out golf carts we've ever seen, zooming around streets built for senior citizens. The eye catching designs reflect sports teams, muscle cars and eclectic craziness! It made us think, what will be the hottest toys for retiring Baby Boomers?

  • Customized Golf Carts - Owning a golf cart makes sense in large master planned communities in the Southeast. Everyone knows walking is the best exercise to keep our aging hearts fit, but it can be far more fun exploring the community in a golf cart without having to worry if you’ll have enough energy to get home. In the mountains, some roads are too darn steep to walk unless you are in the best of shape. Golf carts and mules (more powerful versions of golf carts) are toys worth owning in the right places and especially at retirement. The Villages golf cart photo was provided courtesy of Susie Blackmon. 
  • Electric Bicycles - The first electric bicycle was conceived in Paris in the 1860’s. Electric bikes have come a long way baby. The Yike Bike designed in New Zealand is the most unusual looking electric bike reaching speeds of 23 miles per hour and folds up to the size of a tire. Baby Boomer's who have tried a Yike Bike, say “it is more fun than a Harley”. The OptiBike designed in Boulder Colorado has a 100 mile range and has been named best electric hill climbing bike ever. Spencer Ivy Electric Bikes is another ecofriendly electric bicycle worth considering. For Baby Boomers, the possibilities of places to explore on the seat of an electric powered bike are endless.
  • 3D High Definition Televisions - My husband and I would never have considered splurging for a 3D television until we heard the laughter coming from our grandson when we took him to see Captain America in 3D. 3D movies have improved drastically and so have televisions. The 3D depth perception and special effects are pretty cool. When prices fall more, I wouldn’t be surprised if we bought a 3D television when our TV goes kaput. 
  • SUP - (Stand Up Paddle Boards) Light weight and incredibly easy to use, SUP boards are not just for Millenniums. In the Low Country of Beaufort South Carolina, water's are warm and calm. SUP boards are interesting way to explore the rivers and waterways in the marsh areas. Stand up, kneel or lay down using it as a surfboard. SUP’s are stable and easy to get back on, if you fall into the water. When the water is clear, you can see quite a bit under water while standing up on a SUP.
  • Kayaks - Our family has always owned boats, jet ski’s or some type of water toy. Kayaks have become our latest toy. Most kayaks can be easily mounted on the roof of your car and launched anywhere. Ideally, launching a kayak from your backyard is the easiest way to enjoy them. Kayaks allow you to paddle through areas in shallow water, places you would not be able to access by boat. Kayaks come in every shade of the rainbow these days. Foot pedals and sails are the latest inventions now available on kayaks.

We're curious which trends and products you think Baby Boomers must have in the coming years. The Villages golf community in Ocala Florida will certainly be a place to watch to see what toys these active seniors think of next. 

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