Fort Loudoun State Park - Fun Things to Do in Eastern Tennessee

Fort Loudon State Park Tennessee Fun Things To Do

Fort Loudoun State Park, 1200 acres of unrivaled beauty, lies on the shores of Tellico Lake. It is a wellspring for history buffs and nature lovers alike. The park is not only beautiful in its own right, it has breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains, the lakes and reservoir, and awe-inspiring foliage surrounding Loudon real estate which turns ablaze in color during the fall foliage season.

The park is home to the historic Fort Loudoun, which was constructed in 1756 when South Carolina felt threatened by the French during the French-Indian War. Historical reenactments take place every day at the park bringing history to life of the original soldiers and garrisons engaging in simulated conflicts. (It is all family friendly.) In addition, the museum exhibits artifacts found on the site before the fort's restoration and presents a brief, award-winning documentary called Fort Loudoun: Forsaken By God and Man. Residents of this Tennessee lake community can be very proud of this historic state park which offers fun things to do in Eastern Tennessee.

Outdoor enthusiasts from the gated community of Rarity Bay have quick access to fun in the park. Rarity Bay offers lakefront living and amenities such as golf, tennis, swimming, equestrian and active social clubs. At the park, five miles of intriguing hiking trails meander throughout providing up close encounters with local wildlife and views of the beautiful landscape surrounding Loudon real estate. The park trails interconnect and can be walked all as one or walked separately. They are not difficult to negotiate depending on the hiker’s pace. The walking trails also make their ways through the park’s picnic areas. Bicyclists can also traverse the park.

At Fort Loudoun State Park, on the shore of Tellico Lake, water sports abound. Named Best Eastern Tennessee Lake by Boating Life Magazine, Tellico Lake has over 15,000 acres of surface area which makes it perfect for boating, fishing, jet-skiing, swimming, and living in Tennessee lake communities. Nicknamed the 'Lakeway to the Smokies', boating enthusiasts here are able to navigate the Tennessee River to follow different waterways to and through 21 states. Fort Loudoun State Park also houses a 50’ pier for those who enjoy an afternoon fishing, and they have a large dock for those who want to access the park by boat. Public docks on the Loudon real estate that borders the park expand access to the park.  

With all that Fort Loudoun State Park offers, residents of Tennessee lake communities are sure to love fun things to do being so close to home. If you’d like to receive information about Rarity Bay or the park, write [email protected] or call us toll free at 866.384.1799. 

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