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"Thanks Margie. You've gone above and beyond the call of duty! This is great information. I'm going to recommend your site to my friends." CF

"We are enjoying access to your info and personal feedback. You are a great resource, especially for those like us who live in the Northeast." BB

"Your comments seem accurate, given our personal reconnaissance. I would like to better understand if ABC's tepid rate of development is purely an effect of the recession….or if there are other contributing factors? We love what we can see….but wonder at the rest.  SF



“We are really proud of this and thankful for our association with you and Real Estate Scorecard.” Chris England Hampton Lake

"I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you I think your Real Estate Scorecard is a great idea and to thank you for placing us with some wonderful communities on Coastal South Carolina. I believe your business will do well. I had to laugh about your mention of talking about developments during dinner. This has been the centerpiece of our family dinner conversation, much to my wife and mothers dismay, for many years."  

Robert Gallant, Coosaw Point

"We appreciate that your site includes community scores from our actual members.  The Reserve has always been about family, and no one knows that better than our members.  We look forward to helping your clients visit and experience Lake Keowee!"

Mike Agee, The Reserve at Lake Keowee 

"After looking at your web site, I just wanted to comment to you on both your appeal and format.  It is nice to see a straightforward, no fluff kind of presentation in this world of hype and assaulting of the senses.  It was nice meeting your family and getting a sense of your personal as well as business life on your site."

Steve Koenig, Briar's Creek

"I'm thrilled that Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club has been named 2014 Bliss Award Winner for Best Florida Community of the Year. Thank you for the wonderful recognition. To be given such a great evaluation based on an anonymous tour of Miromar Lakes is the best type of award to receive."

Margaret Antonier, Miromar Lakes


"Thank you for all the wonderful behind the scenes work you do Margie to promote the very best communities in America. We appreciate your support and our brilliant business relationship." 

Andrew Ward, President, Currahee Club on Lake Hartwell Georgia


"You guys are great thank you, your recommendation has already contacted me!"

"Dear Margie, How is it your more helpful online then anyone I speak too?...Thank you and keep in touch. You might not know it but you give me hope for a resolution to the problem I face. "

"Thank you Margie for your post.  Along w/ many others we are looking for ways to increase our retirement portfolio.  It never ceases to amaze me how many of these "Investors" have no conscience."
"Thank you for the interesting read. I always thought South Carolina was the cheapest. Your research is unbelieveable."

"Thank you for the information you provide through your website."

"I enjoy your articles. I am 50 years old and have the ability to pick up and move to a place that will be our new home. It will be a few years out (seven) before our youngest goes to college but I am looking now and would even buy if the situation was right."

"I like the scorecard concept very much."

"I wanted to see if you could possibly send me some information on homes and land that are available. My family and I currently live in South Florida but are considering relocating to Tennessee. We drove through a neighborhood today and want to learn more."

"What is your opinion of Oldfield?  Will you be scoring it anytime soon?"
"I'm interested in looking around the Willmington area for a home. My days of mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, painting and maintaining the outside of the house and cleaning the pool are over. I want a maintainance free or very low maintainance home whether it be a house, condo or co-op. I've seen some shady developers in New York and I'm going to be very cautious if and when I buy. Any help or advice you can give would be appreciated. Thank you."
"I am interested in any pricing and availability of condominiums or villas on Kiawah Island." 
"I found your website from a search I did on Seawatch in North Carolina... Do you have any insight into what the developer is really doing or thinking?"
"I really appreciate you taking the time to call me and provide me with all of these great resources.  I will let you know what I think."
"As a home owner in Rarity Bay with a gorgeous lakefront home up for sale, we are concerned that the extreme negative publicity generated by Michael Ross has really hurt our chances to sell this home.  Do you have any advice you could share with us?  Any real estate agency you would recommend?  Thank you for your time...hope to hear from you soon."
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Timeframe for Purchase*
General Price Range*
Timeframe for Purchase*
General Price Range*

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Coastal North Carolina
Disappointed in no follow through with amenities promised.
Coastal North Carolina
So many of us are transplants from other states. The community has deep sense of interconnectedness and has become our extended family.
Coastal Georgia
Although the fees are high, the value we receive by staying 'above the crowd' with quality amenities is well worth it.