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Vero Beach Luxury Home

If you are planning to build a new luxury home in one of the best Florida retirement cities, you may already know that the area is teeming with recreational opportunities - especially water sports. With the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River as well as Florida's Intracoastal Waterway handy, residents enjoy boating, fishing, and many other healthy outdoor activities here. Disney's Vero Beach Resort offers a family-friendly environment, and there are numerous shopping choices ranging from the Indian River Mall to the charming boutiques and shops lining Ocean Drive's "Miracle Mile" as well as the historical downtown area. Please take a look at the list we've compiled of the very best Vero Beach contractors, and let us know if we can assist you in the process of choosing one or moving to the area.


There is no doubt that the numerous Parade of Homes and other awards that Arthur Rutenberg Homes continues to rack up are well-earned. One of the finest Florida luxury home builders utilizes a franchise system which confers distinct advantages to you as a client. With around 80 designs in a full range of styles, the company utilizes their partnerships to offer better value through volume pricing. With over half a century of combined experience and the quality of their workmanship combined with innovative design features, Arthur Rutenberg’s projects continue to draw attention from industry professionals far and wide.


Florida native Carl Lachnitt brings a quarter century of construction experience to the table as the owner of CAL Builders, Inc. and his success is tangible, proven by the many satisfied new homeowners on the Treasure Coast residing within his company's creations. Their exceptional client service is built upon clear and consistent communication, ensuring that your property is developed in a manner that truly reflects and enhances the lifestyle of your unique family no matter which Vero Beach real estate development you choose.


Croom Construction has built a strong reputation for competitive pricing in the luxury home-building market without sacrificing integrity or quality, striving to not only meet - but exceed the expectations of their many and varied clients. Whether the project is a renovation or constructing a new residence from scratch, their team of over 100 qualified professionals is eager to serve your needs and deliver your dream home exactly as you envision and describe it. Be sure to ask about the gallery of images to see the Vero Beach luxury homes they've completed as one of the top Vero Beach contractors.


Owner Anthony Della Porta was involved in construction from an early age, and built his sterling reputation through work on major projects with one of the nation’s largest construction companies. Della Porta Construction has been around for nearly two decades now, and the solid experience gleaned from his early years is evident in every aspect of the company's business here along Florida's Treasure Coast at many of the Vero Beach real estate developments.


Award-winning Home Builder Helmet House Construction has been around for three decades. The family-owned & -operated business specializes in the creation of your ideal living and working environment. Your taste, needs, and budget are the guidelines by which this company carefully crafts every feature to create a magnificent Vero Beach luxury home your family will treasure for generations to come. Several awards, ranging from Aurora and Golden Medallion to Parade of Homes and Home Book illustrate the excellence displayed by this highly sought-after company and one of the top Florida luxury home builders.


The motto "Solid inside and out" demonstrates Huryn Construction's commitment to providing new and remodeled homes which reflect the essence of each client's unique character and needs. From architects and draftsment to interior designers, carpenters and landscape professionals, some of the finest Vero Beach real estate developments are part of the company's portfolio. If you’re aiming for an elegant yet practical residence, you can't go wrong with Huryn Construction.


With a combined portfolio reflecting a half-century of experience in the construction industry, RCL has the awards to prove that they can deliver on their promises as one of the well known Vero Beach contractors. Featured in a number of trade journals including Southern Living, Home Magazine, and Traditional Home among others, the company has won several Southeast Builders Conference Aurora Awards.


Focused upon providing high-quality construction at reasonable prices by Florida luxury home builders, Reilly Construction's dedication to fine craftsmanship and excellent customer care allows them to deliver superior customer service and attention to detail while remaining on-time and within the client's budget. Hiring the best personnel available ensures that Vero Beach luxury homes are everything you dream of and more.

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