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For decades, custom home builders in Asheville NC have carved a name for themselves as dedicated craftsmen reflecting on traditions of the past while bringing in the newest green building technology and energy efficiency features. Here's a few of the leading home builders:


Consistently winning prestigious awards such as several categories from the Parade of Homes, the franchises of Arthur Rutenberg Homes maintain a high standard because they’re all interconnected, supporting each other. All of the associated advantages and more personalized service are therefore part and parcel of each exquisite new custom-built home they deliver. In North Carolina, Arthur Rutenberg’s builders include Bluefield Builders, Hearthstone Luxury Homes, High Ridge Custom Homes, JWB, Monterey Bay-Charlotte & Raleigh, and Paragon Homes of Charlotte many who are known for building in gated communities in Asheville NC.


Two recent Bliss Awards from Real Estate Scorecard for Ark Development communities demonstrate the high esteem in which this builder is held. Thoms Estate won the Best North Carolina Community of the Year award, and River Dunes took the award for Best Boating Community of the Year. The unforgettable designs of company founder Ronald Brittian have won additional accolades and awards in Home Magazine for this business built upon customer recommendations, with over 300 homes constructed and sold without the need to run a single ad campaign. Add to that the decades of experience represented by the rest of Ark's North Carolina all-star team and folks have the recipe for more award-winning greatness by choosing Art Development to build Asheville mountain homes for sale.


Since 2004, Bellwether Design Build has won numerous Parade of Homes and other awards, and they have been featured in top industry magazines ranging from the spring 2015 cover of Carolina Home & Garden Magazine to past issues of Kitchen & Baths Magazine as well as Builder/Architect Magazine. The company is known for combining creative eye-catching architecture and sustainable building practices, resulting in exceptional convenience and comfort with a sense of both innovation and timelessness. 


Biltmore Farms Homes was founded on patriarch George W. Vanderbilt's passion for beauty and commitment to community. This innovative pioneer instinctively incorporated sustainability into every project, focusing upon creating a viable future in which people could thrive and prosper. He insisted that only the finest quality products could bear his family name, and this is borne out by the multitude of satisfied homeowners within Biltmore communities gated communities in Asheville NC.


Buchanan Construction, leading builder of high-performance luxury homes, makes it their mission to construct green homes with an environmentally-friendly structure that supports the function and design of your custom-built, upscale home. With the training and experience to deliver, owner Rick Buchanan is a Certified Green Professional. A lifetime of fascination for building and construction led him to create a firm where he could ensure that each decision is based on quality, integrity, and professionalism.


Step-by-step consultations with expert guidance along the way are just a few of the things which characterize the experience you will have with Cornerstone Homes, one of the well known custom home builders in Asheville NC. Their professional design software helps you visualize the end product with 3-D renderings and walkthroughs. A family-owned business specializing in kitchen and bath design, the company gets over two-thirds of their business through referrals from satisfied customers.


If you're looking for a company that cites environmental responsibility as a core value, try Deltec Homes. This award-winning prefabricated home builder's high-performance homes are built to outperform traditional homes for energy efficiency, sustainability and quality as well as durability, strength and design. From basic green building or passive solar to net-zero this company utilizes renewable energy and green products to offer an exciting line of net-zero homes, the Renew Collection. Deltec Building Company is one of the few home builders who builds circular Asheville mountain homes for sale.


Distinctive Building & Design is more than just a name. They design, build and sell just a few homes each year in hand-picked communities, so consider yourself lucky if they're working on your project. Driven by referrals from satisfied clients, Distinctive Building & Design continues to thrive. Founder Tom Hines relocated from south Florida to North Carolina, in order to use his experience as a high-end builder in the Sunshine State in his beloved Appalachian mountains.


Believe it or not, HomeSource Builders was "green" before it was a popular choice. They love to teach people about green building practices, which basically involve ensuring that the life-cycle process of a structure is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. This extends from siting, design, and construction through operation, maintenance, renovation and even demolition. Recipient of a Gold award in the 2013 Asheville Parade of Homes for a custom home in the Crest Mountain Community, the company is owned and operated by Tim Alexander who has more than a quarter century of experience in real estate, development and construction in gated communities in Asheville NC.


Well-respected as one of Asheville’s most reputable green building companies, Jade Mountain Builders is known for consistently delivering homes that may be considered ecologically-sensitive works of art. Rather than subcontracting, Jade's own crew performs all work from the framing and installation of windows and doors to exterior work including decks and porches, exterior trim and siding as well as stone walls and patios. Keeping the work in-house allows one of the best custom home builders in Asheville NC to complete homes more quickly than the competition.


At JAG & Associates Construction, the company has always been committed to building in such a way that their work promotes more sustainable environments - both indoors and out - as well as the development of strong communities. Known for building quality-crafted Green homes, they specialize in custom-homes as well as their affordable line of “JAG Built” homes. Every home this company has ever built has been certified through Green Built North Carolina, and they strive to construct homes which exceed the 15% efficiency upgrade required by “Energystar”. Most often they deliver a whopping 30-60% energy efficiency in addition to their stellar design, detail and craftsmanship in Asheville golf communities.


The Living Stone team utilizes a holistic approach to design and build Green, which can significantly lower energy bills while being kind to the surrounding environment. The company also focuses upon the concept of "Aging in Place", also known as "Universal Design", which essentially supports living in that dream home independently from now through your golden years and beyond.


Starting from a core philosophy which emphasizes the use of sustainable building materials and building upon the sensitivity to consider the environment in relation to in each and every new project, Osada Construction demonstrates their reputation as a company that truly cares. For a home which resembles traditional homes in appearance yet is nonetheless eco-friendly and energy-efficient, you can trust Matt Osada's two decades of experience exceeding expectations by providing quality workmanship and timely project completion.


Winners of numerous awards, most recently the 2015 Professional Builder 40 Under 40 Award and 2015 NAHB Best in Green for Single-Family Custom Best Green Home as well as featured in several magazines, Red Tree Builders, constructs green homes. The timeless Asheville mountain homes for sale with modern conveniences and a healthy indoor air environment may be considered the cutting edge of new luxury. 


The founder of Walnut Cove Builders, Skip Brewer, has built over a decade of relationships and experience in high-end residential construction to bring you the quality workmanship and professionalism your project deserves. This NAHB-Certified Green Professional was the Feature Builder for 2010's Asheville Parade of Homes, and his broad background makes him equally comfortable with customers, subcontractors and suppliers whether it’s on the job site or in an office. Brewer keeps the number of projects under construction at any given time low in order to ensure sufficient time on each site and unsurpassed customer service.

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