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Can you guess the number one item on a retirees Bucket List? You probably guessed right - to travel more. 3RD HOME, a company based in Nashville with an office in London, allows you to swap your second home as a segue to travel around the globe, the leading luxury home exchange club. 3RD HOME is an exclusive reciprocal club for the owners of second homes, homes valued at $500k to over $4 million. Home swaps, one week of like-kind for $495. The home swaps do not need to be during the same week or at the same property.

Here's how it works: If your home is valued at $500k, it is equivalent to one Key Value. A Key Value is how 3RD HOME categories the homes in the membership program, to make it fair for all members. One Key Value is for homes valued between $500k and $1 million. If a home is worth $1m to $2m, that equals a two Key Value up to a five Key Value homes.

Choose from places around the world, France, Spain, Italy or Barbados. Ski Colorado, hike the Grand Canyon, golf in the United Kingdom. You get the drift. 3RD HOME coordinates the exchange for you. When you deposit a week of time with 3RD HOME, you are given exchange credit which is valid for 15 months. You can reserve another home right away. You have complete control and flexibility of your account with 3RD HOME. Deposit or withdraw weeks whenever you want from one of the finest home exchange websites we've seen.

Scroll through 3RD HOME's website to explore the places, private residence clubs and luxury homes you wish to swap. Sign up for the news update so you can preview new homes when they are added to the property selection. Keep in mind, the homes in the 3RD HOME program are luxury homes owned by like-minded members who respect and care for their homes. Some homes are in gated communities, some are at resorts or private residence clubs. All are in desirable vacation destinations around the world. Many have golf, tennis and spa privileges. Some have housekeepers and butlers. 3RD HOME prides itself on being selective of the homes and locations being offered, catering exclusively to the luxury second home market.

Hosting Members are responsible for cleaning of the home before and after a guest visit. You may be concerned about a luxury home exchange. Luke 6:13 comes to mind, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

We encourage you to read testimonials from Hosting Members receiving thank you gifts after a member stay, Guest Members receiving welcoming bottles of champagne making them feel right at home. Members of 3RD HOME have a mutual respect for each other and their homes. Chefs, masseuses, concierge services (if offered) are separate flexible costs if you choose to request.

3RD HOME has created a trustworthy way for luxury home exchanges. After you've selected the home and date you wish to stay, the Hosting Members contact information is provided to you to coordinate the details of your stay. 3RD HOME takes care of the vacation property management related to the home swap. 3RD HOME provides an excellent way to cross off 'travel more' from your Bucket List by exchanging your second home. Be sure to explore 3RD HOME's website, one of the finest home exchange websites we've seen.

Have fun! Margie Casey Founder

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