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In compiling and publishing both our community scores and our text, we have visited each community, and in most cases we have spoken with the developer or one of its representatives or sales agents.  In most cases, we have also talked with property owners within the community, and/or others familiar with the developer and the community. 

However, we have in most cases not been provided specific financial information concerning either the community or the developer. Therefore, we have no verifiable knowledge as to community or developer debt or assets, income or loss, or solvency.  We have also not comprehensively examined public records, so we have no verifiable information concerning community or developer related litigation or regulatory issues. 

Also, circumstances can and do change rapidly in the development business, and we do not continually update each community, although we do update when new information is learned.  Our sole objective is to provide to our readers and members what we believe to be a reasonable overview of each community, based on the information we have and from our personal visit, in order to help identify quality communities that may be of interest. 

No purchase should be made based solely upon information provided in this website.  Each prospective purchaser is encouraged to evaluate carefully and independently of this website, the developer and the community selected by the purchaser prior to executing any contract to purchase.

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