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A surfing hot spot, Tamarindo Beach is known for radical waves, pristine beaches and best resorts in Guanacaste Costa Rica. Surfing arrived on the scene in the early 1970’s. Soon there after, several resorts were built up on a mountain top capturing the panoramic ocean views. Brand name hotels were built on the beaches. Tamarindo is still a small beach town with approximately 3,500 people living in the area year round. During the holiday season, tourism doubles the population. Buyers purchasing the right property or at a private residence club will find it easy to generate rental income from their luxury homes Costa Rica.

Horseback riding on the beach, world class sportfishing, scuba diving, night turtle watches and eco-tours draw folks to the northern Pacific. Now as an established Costa Rican beach town, there are a number of banks, large supermarkets, 23 hotels and over 100 restaurants to choose from.


Situated on the northern end of Costa Rica, one of the Costa Rica Internationals Airport is Liberia (Daniel Oduber International). The drive takes about an hour and likely will be quicker when the Veintusiete de abril-Villarreal road paving is complete in 2014. The San Jose airport is about a 5-6 hour drive. Delta, United, American and US Airways are the most common US carriers flying into Liberia from the states. Commercial bus shuttles to and from the Costa Rica International Airports.


Guaitil Pottery Studio, Galeria Pelicano, Cooper Mays Pottery and Gallery are the three most popular art galleries and studios in Tamarindo.  Guaitil Pottery Studio offers a five day hands on pottery workshop and includes a day trip to Guaitil to see where the clay is dug. Khahki, Pangas Beach Club and Monkey Bar are where you’ll find live entertainment. 


The beaches of Guanacaste are situated close to the equator. The coolest months are from November to January and synchronizes with the dry season which extends through April. The hottest months are from March to May and then the rainy season kicks in and lasts through October. Local’s tell us there is so much rain in October, many of the businesses close for the month. Temperatures average 83 degrees at the beaches and can be 10 degrees cooler at the higher elevations. Occasional earthquakes and flooding in the low-lying areas are Tamarindo’s biggest weather hazards.


The Coastal Spanish Institute is located in the center of town and is Tamarino’s only beachfront school. As a top surfing destination, there are a number of surfing schools to choose from. Tamarindo Surf School on Beach Street is the top rated school near the best resorts in Guanacaste Costa Rica or a private residence club.


The Centro Medico has an onsite medical care and pharmacy all rolled into one and some of the areas physicians still make house calls. For more serious health issues, there are three Costa Rica hospitals in Liberia. The San Rafael Archangel Hospital and Medical Clinic is located in the center of Liberia. San Jose’s CIMA Hospital opened a satellite mini-hospital in Liberia in 2012. The new private medical clinic possesses a laboratory, pharmacy, radiology department, a 24-hour emergency room, and operating rooms. The Clinica Biblica Hospital of San Jose also opened an ancillary clinic in Liberia, Guanacaste.

The Costa Rican Department of Social Insurance manages most of the nation's public health sector. Its medical care services are available to all citizens and permanent legal residents. Costs tend to be much less than doctor, hospital, and prescription costs in the U.S. Private medical insurance is also dramatically less expensive ranging from $60-$130 per month. Costa Rica has three internationally-accredited private hospitals located in the city’s capital, San Jose.


At Tamarindo, it’s all about the beaches and the deep blue sea. Surfboards, SUP paddle boards and kayaks are easily accessible. Sailing excursions, sportfishing charters and scuba trips add to the long list of fun things to do in Tamarindo.

Bolas Locas Mini Golf caters to kids by providing Tamarindo’s only miniature golf course. There are a number of zipline canopy tours for the more adventurous near the best resorts in Guanacaste Costa Rica.


Plaza Tamarindo, Plaza Esmeralda, Sunrise Mall, Plaza Conchal, and Garden Plaza Shopping Center offer everything from beach attire, shoes, jewelry to hats. Furniture stores in the area include Tico Furniture Factory, Bali Designs, and J&G Furniture. Auto Mercado is an American-style food supermarket. Smaller Mom & Pop markets include Super 2001, Super Compro and Super Las Palmeras. Road side stands offer fresh fruits and vegetables for a fraction of the cost when compared to the markets.


In 2015, we found luxury homes Costa Rica near Tamarindo Beach for sale in the following price ranges:

  • 12 Homes priced between $100k-$200k
  • 11 Homes priced between $200k-$300k
  • 15 Homes priced between $300k-$400k
  • 8 Homes priced between $400k-$500k
  • 4 Homes priced between $500k-$600k
  • 13 Homes priced between $600k-$1 million
  • 13 Homes priced between $1 million-$6 million

Property taxes in Samara vary from 0.5% to 1.5% of the declared value of the property.

If you're searching for the best places to live in Costa Rica, there are a number of Tamarindo gated communities, a private residence club and beachfront neighborhoods we find of interest.  

Ask us for free Tamarindo Beach relocation information to learn more about the area.

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Request Free Real Estate Information About Tamarindo Beach

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Request Free Real Estate Information About Tamarindo Beach

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Area Information

  • Liberia Daniel Oduber International - Airport Code ( LIR )
Arts and Culture:
  • Guaitil Pottery Studio
  • Galeria Pelicano
  • Cooper Mays Pottery and Gallery
  • San Rafael Archangel Hospital and Medical Clinic Liberia
  • CIMA Hospital Liberia
  • Clinica Biblica Hospital Liberia
Shopping and Retail:
  • Garden Plaza Shopping Center
  • Plaza Conchal
  • Plaza Esmeralda
  • Plaza Tamarindo
  • Hacienda Pinilla Golf Course
  • Playa Conchal Golf Course
  • Tamarino Tennis Club
State and National Parks:
  • Aernal Volcano National Park
  • Palo Verde National Park
  • Rincon de La Vieja National Park
  • Santa Rosa National Park

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