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Naples Florida Restores Beach Ahead of Family Vacations

Nov 26, 2014

New homes in Naples Florida are surrounded by some of the most scenic beaches in the South. Now, the Naples beaches are undergoing an attractive facelift. FEMA and the State of Florida are paying nearly $3 million for the 2014 Naples Beach Renourishment Project. The project will add about 79 tons of new...

Knoxville Greenways - Pathway to Fitness and Fun

Nov 25, 2014

GO KNOXVILLE…Knoxville has just been awarded their second “Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community” (BFC) award by the League of American Bicyclists. Knox TN, one of the 326 communities within the (BFC), was first recognized in 2010, and received its second award this month for 2014. The honor is bestowed upon...

Asheville North Carolina Job Market Sizzling Hot

Nov 24, 2014

The job market always a significant factor when relocating to a new area of the United States. Folks living in the gated communities in Asheville can be rest assured in knowing that the Asheville job market is sizzling hot and burning up even more as new opportunities present themselves. Home loan lenders have been welcoming...

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Coastal South Carolina
We thank our lucky stars that we ended up here.
Coastal Georgia
Although the fees are high, the value we receive by staying 'above the crowd' with quality amenities is well worth it.
Western North Carolina
Although it would be easy to think it, there is no pretense here. Just friendly people enjoy this amazing place.
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