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Wilmington Riverfest - Life and Culture on the Cape Fear River

Aug 17, 2014

Leaves have begun to fall and the night air is getting crisp. Winter is coming for the town of Wilmington and the opportunity to enjoy the mild weather between the summer heat and frigid winter swiftly approaching. October is a wonderful time of year in Wilmington NC and the locals are readily anticipating the annual...

Senior Games Set to Ignite the Quieter Side of Florida With Laughter

Aug 16, 2014

May the odds be in every retirees favor! It is all fun and games at Flagler Beach in the Palm Coast area of Florida. Retirees are excited for the Palm Coast and Flagler Beach Senior Games to begin and the odds are that Baby Boomers will have a lot of fun in this part of the Sunshine State during...

Spinx Carolina Marathon Comes to Greenville in October

Aug 14, 2014

Baby Boomers in the 21st Century have changed the way they view aging, many are choosing running shoes over rocking chairs! Instead of "porch sitting", many over 50 have opted for running to the sounds of rock bands, even running marathons in all 50 states while enjoying the food and the festivities these events offer...

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Coastal South Carolina
We thank our lucky stars that we ended up here.
Northern Georgia
At the present time, management is lacking performance in all areas. We are not getting what we pay for.
Eastern Tennessee
We've lived here now for 7 years and wouldn't trade it for anywhere else.
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