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Market Report - Savannah Georgia

Aug 20, 2014

We’ve yet to run across someone who isn’t fond of Savannah. Is it the historic Riverfront, scenic marshlands, or job opportunities that draw folks to Savannah? We believe all of the above. Gulfstream Aerospace, Mitsubishi and JCB Equipment are the area’s fastest growing employers. Although the urban fabric of downtown is attractive...

Become King of the Mountain at Six Gap Century in Dahlonega

Aug 20, 2014

Cycling enthusiasts who love to explore some of the most beautiful mountain scenery Northern Georgia may be found at the annual Six Gap Century Weekend in Dahlonega this fall. The 25th Annual "Six Gap Century" is being held Saturday, September 28 and offers one of the most challenging biking events in the country...

Wilmington Riverfest - Life and Culture on the Cape Fear River

Aug 17, 2014

Leaves have begun to fall and the night air is getting crisp. Winter is coming for the town of Wilmington and the opportunity to enjoy the mild weather between the summer heat and frigid winter swiftly approaching. October is a wonderful time of year in coastal North Carolina and the locals are readily anticipating the annual...

A sample of what property owners are saying
Northern Georgia
At the present time, management is lacking performance in all areas. We are not getting what we pay for.
Eastern Tennessee
We've lived here now for 7 years and wouldn't trade it for anywhere else.
East Coast Florida
It is so difficult to work with the ARB. I thought about moving somewhere else after the 4th denial.
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