About Us

Real Estate Scorecard is an industry leader of online real estate reviews, providing in depth information about the most popular master planned communities in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

In 2006, we recognized the difficulty people were experiencing comparing multiple states, cities and neighborhoods, those who wanted to relocate to a lower cost of living area in the Southeast. We envisioned a way to cut to the chase and streamline the process. We began by making the road trip first, finding the most popular master planned communities and analyzing them before recommending them to our clients.

In 2011, we launched Real Estate Scorecard, writing in depth real estate reviews and collecting property owner reviews, to gauge how property owner's feel about their neighborhood. To date, we've collected over 2,600 property owner reviews. 

Here's a list of where we've been and who we're monitoring:

RUNNING TALLY: 267 master planned communities in the Southeast and Central America (last update April 2014)

How does this help you? Free time is something most of us don’t have and why waste it driving all over town. This can quickly become exhausting. Often times, informational brochures and solicitous propaganda doesn't match up with reality. We've become your eyes on the ground, before you make the trip. 

It may sound a little cliche but call us a community matchmaker. Buyers who provide us with their wish list are quickly paired up with communities which match their criteria and budget, to communities we've personally visited. Our service cost buyers nothing. Commission or referral fees are paid by the seller, like any traditional brokerage firm. It makes no difference to us where you choose to buy. What's important to us is you find what you want and that you're happy.

Although our home office is based in South Florida, we spend the majority of our time on the road analyzing neighborhoods in 35 cities. If you'd like help with your search, send us your wish list or fill out the quick Community Matchmaker Questionnaire on our Contact Us page. It's our pleasure to help!

Margie Casey, Founder of Real Estate Scorecard